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Alfred Matthew "Weird Al" Yankovic (b. October 23, 1959) is an American comedian, parodist, satirist, musician, writer, actor, accordionist, and singer-songwriter. He has, for three decades, parodied popular songs by inserting his own (often silly) lyrics, or performing songs in the style of an artist or an entire genre.

Since his first-aired song "My Bologna" in 1976, Yankovic has sold more than 12 million albums, recorded more than 150 parody and original songs, and has performed over a thousand concerts. He has earned three Grammy awards and had nine nominations, four gold records, six platinum records.

Yankovic was born in Downey, California to Nick Louis Yankovic and Mary Elizabeth, and was raised in Lynwood.

Despite lingering rumors that Yankovic is Jewish, mainly due to his Eastern European surname and song "Pretty Fly for a Rabbi," he is actually a devout Christian who belongs to the Churches of Christ.

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