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Juan Rulfo is a Mexican author. He is considered one of the best Latin-American writers, despite having only written two books: Novel "Pedro Paramo" and the collection of short stories "El Llano en Llamas". He was born in Sayula, Mexico, in 1917, and died in Mexico City, in 1986. He is one of the pioneers of the literary movement known as "Realismo Magico" (Magical Realism). His stories are situated in rural Mexico, and the characters reflect the socioeconomic reality of Mexican peasants of his time, all mixed with fantasy elements.

Pedro Paramo

Pedro Paramo is Juan Rulfo's only novel. It features a non linear narrative, and is told in a mixture of first and third person. The novel starts as Juan Preciado arrives to Comala looking for his father, Pedro Paramo, to whom he never knew. It turns out that Pedro Paramo had died many years before. The novel changes back and forth between the stories of Juan Preciado and Pedro Paramo. Juan Preciado tells his story in first person (While lying dead in his grave, as it is revealed at the middle of the novel). Comala is a ghost town (literally) when he arrived, inhabited by the souls of its old habitants. They all died in sin, but went neither to Heaven nor to Hell, instead, they were wandering around in Comala, which is a kind of purgatory, hoping that the living would pray for them and help them find their way to Heaven. Juan Preciado dies of the impression, and tells his story from his grave. He also learns the kind of person his father was. Pedro Paramo story is told in third person. He was originally a small landowner, but, after his father died, he took by force all lands around Comala, and became practically the owner of the whole town. He did not hesitate in murdering anyone who stood in his way, but soon gathered several loyal followers. He had numerous women in his life, but only loved one: Susana, his childhood friend. However, when Pedro married Susana, she was already mentally challenged, and was deep in love with her dead husband. She never loved Pedro Paramo. When Susana died, Pedro got severely depressed. Without his leadership, Comala was slowly abandoned, and became the ghost town that Juan Preciado met years later. The novel ends with the murder of Pedro Paramo, which occurred when Comala was already an almost abandoned town, but years before the arrival of Juan Preciado.

El Llano en Llamas

It is a collection of 16 short stories.

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