1st Marine Division (United States)

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The 1st Marine Division is an infantry unit from the United States Marine Corps based at Camp Pendleton, California. Elements of the division were activated for service during World War One, and in 1941, the 1st Marine Division was officially active.


During the Second World War, the 1st Division participated in several battles in the Pacific including Guadalcanal, Peleliu, and Okinawa.

In 1990, the 1st Marine Division was deployed to Saudi Arabia to participate in Operation Desert Shield and in 1991, they participated in Operation Desert Storm.

Again, in 2003, the 1st Marine Division participated in the invasion of Iraq. The division returned to Iraq for more tours of duty. Since 2008, elements of the 1st Division have deployed to Afghanistan.


  • 1st Marines
  • 5th Marines
  • 7th Marines
  • 11th Marines
  • 1st Tank Battalion

There are other subunits in addition to the ones listed above

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