2011 Canadian parliamentary elections

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The 2011 Canadian parliamentary election is an upcoming election for the house of commons of Canada and for the prime minister of Canada. Going in to the election the incumbent prime minister was Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Candidate Party Platform Website
Stephen Harper Conservative Party of Canada Lower taxes, oil sands mining, new aircraft for armed forces, stronger economy, better US-Canada relations, and better relationships between the Harper Government and ethnic peoples http://www.conservative.ca/
Michael Ignatieff Liberal Party of Canada Higher taxes, coalition government, reduction in military funding http://www.liberal.ca/
Gilles Duceppe Bloc Quebecois Establishment of Quebec as a sovereign state, Quebec first policies, Francophone superiority, assimilation of Anglo-American culture in eastern Canada http://www.blocquebecois.org/ (French website)
Jack Layton New Democratic Party Socialism, higher taxes, reduced funding for armed forces, elimination of corporate tax credits, increasing funding to subsidized healthcare, and tax credits for families http://www.ndp.ca/