2014 Midterm Elections

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The 2014 Midterm Elections began with the Texas primary on March 4, and continued with a primary or a "runoff" nearly every week somewhere in the United States until Tuesday, September 9.[1] Soon thereafter early voting began in some areas, culminating in the general election day on Tuesday, November 4.

The election was a complete and utter rejection of Democrats with Republicans capturing the U.S. Senate, expanding the U.S. House and winning super majority control in 31 states.


Democrat Incumbents

  • Alaska

Mark Begich: The incumbent Begich lost to Republican Dan Sullivan.

  • Arkansas

Mark Pryor: The incumbent Pryor lost to Republican Tom Cotton.

  • Colorado

Mark Udall: The incumbent Udall lost to Republican Cory Gardiner.

  • Delaware

Chris Coons: The incumbent Coons was reelected.

  • Hawaii

Brian Schatz: The incumbent Schatz was reelected.

  • Illinois

Richard Durbin: The incumbent Durbin was reelected.

  • Iowa

Tom Harkin[1]: Democrat Bruce Braley lost his bid to Republican Joni Ernst.

  • Louisiana

Mary Landrieu: The incumbent Landrieu lost to Republican Bill Cassidy in the Dec. 5th runoff race.

  • Massachusetts

Ed Markey: The incumbent Markey was reelected.

  • Michigan

Carl Levin[1]: Democrat Rep. Gary Peters defeated Republican Terri Lynn Land.

  • Minnesota

Al Franken: The incumbent Franken was reelected.

  • Montana

Max Baucus[1]: Republican Steve Daines defeated Democrat John Walsh.

  • New Hampshire

Jeanne Shaheen: The incumbent Shaheen was reelected.

  • New Jersey

Cory Booker: The incumbent Booker was reelected.

  • New Mexico

Tom Udall: The incumbent Udall was reelected.

  • North Carolina

Kay Hagan: The incumbent Hagan lost to Republican Thom Tillis.

  • Oregon

Jeff Merkley: The incumbent Merkley was reelected.

  • Rhode Island

Jack Reed: The incumbent Reed was reelected.

  • South Dakota

Tim Johnson[1]: Democrat Rick Weiland lost to Republican Mike Rounds.

  • Virginia

Mark Warner: The incumbent Warner was reelected.

  • West Virginia

Jay Rockefeller[1]: Democrat Natalie Tennant lost to Republican Shelley Moore Capito.

Republican Incumbents

  • Alabama

Jeff Sessions: The incumbent Sessions was reelected.

  • Georgia

Saxby Chambliss[1]: Democrat Michelle Nunn lost to Republic David Perdue.

  • Idaho

James Risch: The incumbent Risch was reelected.

  • Kansas

Pat Roberts: The incumbent Roberts was reelected by defeating Independent candidate Greg Orman. Democrat Chad Taylor dropped out of the race before election day.

  • Kentucky

Mitch McConnell: The incumbent McConnell was reelected.

  • Maine

Susan Collins: The incumbent Collins was reelected.

  • Mississippi

Thad Cochran: The incumbent Cochran was reelected.

  • Nebraska

Mike Johanns[1]: Republican Ben Sasse defeated Democrat David Domina.

  • Oklahoma

James Inhofe: The incumbent Inhofe was reelected.

Tom Coburn[1]: Republican James Lankford defeated Democrat Constance N. Johnson.

  • South Carolina

Tim Scott: The incumbent Scott was reelected.

Lindsey Graham: The incumbent Graham was reelected.

  • Tennessee

Lamar Alexander: The incumbent Alexander was reelected.

  • Texas

John Cornyn: The incumbent Cornyn was reelected.

  • Wyoming

Mike Enzi: The incumbent Enzi was reelected.


Every seat of the 435 member chamber was up for election. The new term will be the 114th United States Congress.

Notable Races

  • Eric Cantor (Virginia) - Cantor was defeated by David Brat in the Republican primary. Republican Brat defeated Democrat Jack Trammell for Virginia's 7th Congressional District.
  • Elise Stefanik became the youngest Republican female ever elected to Congress at age 30. She is from New York's 21st Congressional District.
  • Mia Love won Utah's 4th Congressional District becoming the first Republican black female Congresswoman in the U.S. House.
  • Will Hurd, a former covert CIA operative, won Texas's 23rd Congressional District for the Republicans.



  • Neil Abercrombie (Hawaii): The incumbent Abercrombie lost to David Ige in the Democratic Party primary. Ige went on to win the general election.
  • Mike Beebe (Arkansas) [1]: Republican Asa Hutchinson defeated Democrat Mike Ross.
  • Jerry Brown (California): The incumbent Brown was reelected
  • Lincoln Chafee (Rhode Island) [1]: Democrat Gina Raimondo defeated Republican Allan Fung.
  • Andrew Cuomo (New York): The incumbent Cuomo was reelected.
  • Mark Dayton (Minnesota): The incumbent Dayton was reelected.
  • Maggie Hassan (New Hampshire): The incumbent Hassan was reelected.
  • John Hickenlooper (Colorado): The incumbent Hinkenlooper lost to Republican Bob Beauprez.
  • John Kitzhaber (Oregon): The incumbent Kitzhaber was reelected.
  • Dan Malloy (Connecticut): The incumbent Malloy was reelected.
  • Martin O'Malley (Maryland) [1]: Republican Larry Hogan defeated Democrat Anthony Brown.
  • Deval Patrick (Massachusetts) [1]: Republican Charlie Baker defeated Democrat Martha Coakley.
  • Pat Quinn (Illinois): The incumbent Quinn was defeated by Republican Bruce Rauner.
  • Peter Shumlin (Vermont): The incumbent Shumlin won his race against Republican Scott Milne. He did not receive 50% of the vote and the Vermont legislature will chose the Governor in January 2015.


  • Robert Bentley (Alabama): The incumbent Bentley was reelected.
  • Jan Brewer (Arizona) [1]: Republican Doug Ducey defeated Democrat Fred DuVal.
  • Terry Branstad (Iowa): The incumbent Branstad was reelected.
  • Sam Brownback (Kansas): The incumbent Brownback was reelected.
  • Tom Corbett (Pennsylvania): Incumbent Corbett was defeated by Democrat Tom Wolf.
  • Dennis Daugaard (South Dakota): The incumbent Daugaard was reelected.
  • Nathan Deal (Georgia): The incumbent Deal was reelected.
  • Mary Fallin (Oklahoma): The incumbent Fallin was reelected.
  • Nikki Haley (South Carolina): The incumbent Haley was reelected.
  • Bill Haslam (Tennessee): The incumbent Haslam was reelected.
  • Dave Heineman (Nebraska) [1]: Republican Pete Ricketts defeated Democrat Chuck Hassebrook.
  • John Kasich (Ohio): The incumbent Kasich was reelected.
  • Paul LePage (Maine): The incumbent LePage was reelected.
  • Susana Martinez (New Mexico): The incumbent Martinez was reelected.
  • Matt Mead (Wyoming): The incumbent Mead was reelected.
  • Butch Otter (Idaho): The incumbent Otter was reelected.
  • Sean Parnell (Alaska): The incumbent Parnell lost to Independent Bill Walker.
  • Rick Perry (Texas) [1]: Republican Greg Abbott defeated Democrat Wendy Davis.
  • Brian Sandoval (Nevada): The incumbent Sandoval was reelected.
  • Rick Scott (Florida): The incumbent Scott was reelected
  • Rick Snyder (Michigan): The incumbent Snyder was reelected
  • Scott Walker (Wisconsin): The incumbent Walker was reelected

[1] Indicates a term-limited or retiring candidate


  1. Election days listed chronologically or 2014