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MARCH FOR LIFE TOPS 500,000 on Thursday, and it is the 7th consecutive year that Conservapedia has led a trip of students to attend this annual event.

Global warming alarmism update

"There is an 80 percent chance that NYC will receive at least 12” of snow. Since record keeping in Central Park began in 1869, there have been 35 events exceeding a foot of snow, so 12″ wouldn’t be a big record. But there is a 62 percent chance for at least 18” of snow, and there have only been 11 events reaching that marker."[1]

Global warming?

A Problem With “White Privilege”?

A Problem With “White Privilege”?[2]

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"Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end." - Revelation 12: 12-13

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In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

Liberal "Christianity" disgraces itself again: So-called human rights director compares the unborn to sandwiches.[3]

Liberals wants citizens disarmored as well as disarmed.[4] What is wrong with self-defense?

New York State Has More People on Food Stamps Under Gov. Andrew Cuomo.[5] Public schools failing? Out of control welfare state?

“DOJ Watergate… Or Worse” Criminal Conspiracy Allegations Strike Highest Levels of Obama Justice Department.[6]

Obama lied when he said he had no more campaigns to run. He is running a campaign now – in Israel. [7]

New GOP Border Security House Bill, HR 399, Removes Over 65 Miles of Border Fence.[8]

"Moderate Muslim": An oxymoron?[9]

Al Gore: Spend $90 Trillion To Ban Cars From Every Major City In The World.[10]

The long term perspective on global warming everyone missed. [11]

Liberal double standard, again: the NFL destroyed the careers of two black Christian superstars but hasn't even asked the white Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady to explain his apparent cheating in Deflategate, and the liberal media is just fine with that. [12]

Dem "NYC mayor: Snowstorm could be worst ever." [13] Really??? What happened to the crisis of global warming that liberals have been promoting since the 1990s??

Classic headline: "Global warming alarmist politicians powerless to stop" historic blizzard.[14]

The BBC have strayed from their reporting mission, like all the Mainstream Media. [15]

What does it really mean, "to dwell on the earth"? [16]

Give it up, liberals: once a stronghold for unions, Michigan became a right to work state and union membership falls to only 14.5%. [17]

A review of the most explosive findings on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and why they shake up the world of astronomy. [18][19][20]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady fails to persuade ESPN experts in his denial of cheating, and ESPN mocks the NFL's "investigation" for not even asking Brady to explain Deflategate. [21]

"Adults Raised by Gay Couples Speak Out Against Gay ‘Marriage’ in Federal Court." [22] Is the Left beginning to lose some of its momentum for same-sex marriage?

NAACP Aligns With Florida Establishment to Kill School Choice.[23]

John Boehner, White House Clash Over Benjamin Netanyahu Invite.[24]

Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush set to huddle next week in Utah.[25]

Could the government be using terrorism as an excuse to bring about global government? [26]

On Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, scientists are vexed to find boulders the size of dinosaur eggs on its surface, not the gravel they expected. These findings turn theories of comet formation on their head and vindicate a theory consistent with Biblical Creation. [27][28][29]

What exactly is college preparing students for? Arizona State University offers a class on the 'Everyday Language of White Racism'. [30]. Don't waste you hard earned savings or go into years of debt, avoid the Worst College Majors.

March for Life 2015 draws large crowd. While House Republicans blow a key chance. [31]

Tim Tebow Foundation is launching a 50 city event for 7000 special needs teenagers on February 13th. “It is pretty amazing that he has devoted his life to serving Christ, and doing it through serving people. It’s inspiring.” [32]

Obama’s Tax on Stay-At-Home Moms.[33]

Obama Invites Illegal Alien to Be Guest of Honor at SOTU.[34]

Teacher Tearfully Opts Out of Common Core Testing, Calls It "Cruel and Harmful".[35]

Obama Wants The Death Tax Increased to 60 Percent, More Taxes on College Savings.[36]

The Smear Merchants of Climate Change.[37]

Law Enforcement Agencies Have Acquired Radar That Can See Inside Houses.[38]

Contrast support for "civil rights" to support for the unborn, especially in the Mainstream Media. This on the eve of the 2015 March for Life. [39]

Amid his liberal claptrap, "when Obama said he had no campaigns left to run," then "some Republicans sarcastically clapped." [40] Rather than accept the humor, Obama responded with his typically self-centered attitude.

League probing New England Patriots possible use of deflated balls.[41]

Congressional Black Caucus Pushes For Federal Control Of Local Police.[42]

Government Of Spain Closes One of Its Borders to Muslims.[43]

Even the lamestream media is ridiculing Obama's latest stunt: his attempt to be "Robin Hood" while he "has less clout on Capitol Hill now than ever before." [44]

Motorcycle-riding, gun-toting, “farm girl,” Senator Ernst: A New GOP power player.[45]

Leftists Whine After Duke University Cancels Islamic Call to Worship.[46]

NASA climate scientists: We said 2014 was the warmest year on record… but we’re only 38% sure we were right.[47] It's time to cut their budget again! Scaremongers!

Another European Country Standing up to Islam: Crowds Grow, Signs Read “Islam is Evil”.[48] A growing trend that will get much bigger?

Are we raising a generation to believe murder, mayhem, and monsters don't exist? But they do, and have existed throughout history. [49]

The BBC, a Mainstream Media organ, shows its bias in its coverage of Israel and the Jews at the Paris Unity March. [50]

Another Obama administration costly boondoggle: Controversy Builds at U.S. Consumer Protection Bureau.[51]

American Sniper movie shatters records with $105 million weekend.[52][53]

Germany proposes "Jihadi identity card".[54]

Does the Great Flood have a cancer link? A link that might help us set a date for that event? [55][56][57]

"Satellite data show there has been no global warming for 18 years and three months," but the liberal media continue to promote the farce of irregular, and easily manipulable, land and sea thermometers to claim global warming. [58]

50 conservative leaders urge GOP leaders not to cut deals, and to resist Obama’s fundamental change of America.[59] Phyllis Schlafly attended the event.

Rev. Franklin Graham: End the Muslim Call to Prayer Policy at Duke University.[60]

Muslims Rally Worldwide Declaring Intention to Conquer Jerusalem.[61]

And Barack Hussein Obama Releases Five More.[62]

Now That Gas Prices Are Low, Greedy Politicians Want Tax Hike.[63]

Arizona passes law requiring students to pass civics test.[64]

Two confirmed dead in Belgian anti-terror raids that stopped ‘imminent’ attacks across Europe.[65]

Obama to Senate Democrats: "I’m going to play offense".[66]

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have both taken part in handing America over to Muslims. [67]

Atheists are terrorists? Yes but don't fret. Saudi Arabia has designated the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists as well. [68]

Need help filling out your tax form which the IRS made more difficult? Don’t call the IRS who just cut back their services to taxpayers.[69]

Judge’s Ruling Against Christian Florist Who Refused to Provide Flowers for Homosexual "Wedding" Could Have Major Ramifications.[70]

Teacher Tenure Goes to Court in New York.[71]

Mainstream Media values: The Guardian (London) blames Israel for the plight of women under Islam in the Middle East. [72]

Wisconsin Ready to be Right-to-Work State. [73]

15 Statistics That Destroy Liberal Narratives.[74] Also, excellent video about the humbling and nervousness of liberals post midterm election and post Obama's many failures.

Prominent Muslim cleric condemns snowmen as being anti-Islamic.[75]

A police officer in Eureka, California, was left nearly speechless after he confronted two pro-gun activists selling .22 caliber ammunition on the street.[76] And there was nothing he could do about it!

"House passes bill to defund Obama’s immigration orders" by "a 236-191 vote, with 10 Republicans voting against it and two Democrats voting in favor." [77]

Has government gone wild in America? [78]

New Jersey activists ask Governor Chris Christie to help them protect the Second Amendment. [79]

Texas state Senator Konni Burton is sworn into office wearing Prolife cowboy boots. [80] She occupies the seat formerly held by pro-abortion Wendy Davis and her symbolic pink sneakers.

Credit goes to a book "LEAD ... for God's Sake," read by the head coach of the new college football champions, Ohio State. [81] Many of the champion players thank God in post-game tweets.

Astonishing List of 71 Top Bankers Dead; Not One by Natural Causes.[82]

Will school choice expand in Georgia?[83]

EMBARRASSING: 40 World Leaders Gather in Paris For Freedom Against Terrorism; Barack Hussein Obama Prepares to Meet San Antonio Spurs.[84][85]

Kosher market attack deepens fears among European Jews.[86]

Not yet: the U.S. Supreme Court did not yet "grant cert" in the four same-sex marriage cases on appeal from the Sixth Circuit, but more news on that could come Friday or next Monday. [87]

Croatia elects their first female president, conservative Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic. [88] "I will work for Croatia, and I won't allow anyone saying that Croatia will not be a prosperous country," the conservative said in celebration.

Conservapedia proven right, again: Overrated Sports Star Peyton Manning fails again in the playoffs, to the surprise and dismay of the liberal media. [89] Denver's upset loss, despite its home-field advantage, was not even close.

Revenge attacks and retaliation begin: Mosques come under fire with guns and "grenades" in France.[90]

Will the Terror In France Reach The Streets Of America?[91]

Why the Muslim Terror Attack in France Will Help Anti-Islam Politicians and Hurt Socialists.[92]

Charles Krauthammer: Obama's "Days Of Hiding Under Harry Reid’s Desk Are Over".[93]

An examination of no-go zones, the new face of the Muslim invasion of the West. [94]

Reckless endangerment, as a term of legal art, also describes breaches of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. [95]

Congress enrolled in Obamacare as a small business of 50 employees or less. The House and Senate employs over 20,000 government workers. A lawsuit by Judicial Watch exposes their game. [96]

What would the Founders say to the leaders of America today? [97]

An ex-cop demands on-line: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio must resign. [98]

Russia Bans Transexuals And Those With "Disorders Of Sexual Preference" From Driving.[99]

Police are far MORE hesitant to shoot armed black suspects than whites, a university study concludes.[100]

Fracking Supporters in New York State Aren’t Giving Up.[101]

Liberal Senator Barbara Boxer announces her retirement in 2016, and age is not the reason she is giving up as a senator. [102]

As darkness fell across Europe, tens of thousands took to the streets to show their solidarity with those killed by gunmen at the offices of satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo.[103] Meanwhile, a Muslim cleric vindicates our analysis of Islam. [104]

Army Chaplain Attacked By Atheists For Discussing His Faith.[105]

John Boehner takes revenge.[106]

What kind of surrender to Islam did a unit of HarperCollins make when they took the name of Israel off the map? [107]

Apathy makes destruction the more likely. That applies especially to a country. [108]

Harvard University professors get a nasty taste of their own medicine. And put their Professor values on full display in response. [109]

The establishment GOP retains John Boehner for Speaker. Their small victory was costly. It is likely the GOP party will fade into irrelevance . [110] If you doubt that, read this call to action: [111]

The Republicans who will vote against John Boehner for Speaker of the House.[112]

Juveniles Swarm Ohio Movie Theater in a Fight So Massive, 10 Different Police Departments Responded.[113] Public school students or homeschoolers?

Dad Calls Sheriff’s Office to Supervise Spanking.[114] Daughter had the audacity to tell her father that spanking was illegal!

ObamaCare Just Keeps Getting Better, Right?[115]

A bee in the bonnet of leftist environmentalists adversely affects European agriculture.[116]

Saudi religious leader: No minimum age for a girl to be allowed to be a bride.[117]

Socialized Medicine Doctor: "we should stop trying to cure cancer" it is "best option for an ageing population".[118]

Oil prices fall below $50 "as fears of global economic slowdown intensify. Markets believe fall from summer peak of $115 reflects Chinese slowdown, Japanese recession and looming eurozone deflation." [119]

A fresh critique of the Mainstream Media. [120]

Newsweek's open attack on Christians by a man far outside his expertise.[121]

A backdoor approach to Medicaid expansion, as introduced in ObamaCare, is: costly, unsustainable, inflexible, and certainly not free.[122]

College football television ratings surpassed the playoff ratings for the politically correct NFL. [123] Time for college football, with its outspokenly Christian stars, to replace the Super Bowl and its liberal halftime program?

Barack Hussein Obama Played Golf on Christmas Eve With a Muslim Fundamentalist Who Praised ISIS.[124]

Who is benefiting from black liberal privilege?[125]

Each U.S. federal regulator destroys an average of how many private sector jobs? How much GNP does each U.S. federal regulator destroy?[126]

A creation model of the Ice Age, and an explanation for it. [127][128][129]

"46% of recent college graduates are now working in jobs that don’t require college degrees." [130] Many of the good jobs are given by corporations to foreigners on H-1B visas.

Poll: 1 in 8 Germans would join anti-Muslim marches.[131] Germany's Cologne Cathedral opposes marchers.[132]

Anti-Gun Rahm Emanuel’s Yard Sign Warns Burglars That He Has Armed Secret Service.[133]

NFL legend Steve Young publicly insulted Barack Obama when he compared him to Peyton Manning. According to reports, the former NFL quarterback called the president a “dictator".[134]

FDA loosens lifetime ban on gay blood donations. Intense pressure by the homosexual lobby forced the FDA to rescind its policy. Gays are still not happy because the FDA imposed restrictions on them to ensure the safety of the blood supply. [135]

More on the Homosexual Agenda and foreign law. But why are homosexuals and Islamists working toward the same end? Doesn't one set realize the other set would treat them worse than ever? [136]

Liberal double standard, again:"Obamas dine at restaurant with $500K membership fee." [137] Don't liberals criticize the gap between rich and poor??

Nine tips for shedding emotional baggage and making 2015 a prosperous New Year: [138]

Outspokenly Christian quarterback Marcus Mariota shreds Florida State in the Rose Bowl. [139] No other major football program even offered him a scholarship, and he won the Heisman Trophy.

Teachers unions engaged in bizarre boycotts in 2014.[140]

Corporations are funding the homosexual activist group Human Rights Campaign (HRC) which is indoctrinating public school children across America.[141]

Sweden: Third Mosque Arson in a Week.[142]

When business and government work too closely together, liberty and quality both suffer. [143]

Mission Ends in Afghanistan, but Sacrifices Are Not Over for U.S. Soldiers [144]

2015 begins by debunking the liberal hoax of global warming: "chilliest Rose Parade in more than 60 years." [145]

Big Bang Theory actress speaks out against feminism: "I cook for Ryan five nights a week: It makes me feel like a housewife; I love that. I know it sounds old-fashioned, but I like the idea of women taking care of their men." [146]

Liberty and tolerance are Christian virtues. Both Scripture and history show this. [147]

Minnesota Companies Latest to Score ObamaCare Exemptions.[148]

Anti-Second Amendment rights activists argue that the NRA breeds fear among society.[149] Liberals fear the NRA because they help defeat liberal candidates!

Fox News Guest Claims Network is Racist, but Can’t Provide a Single Example of Supposed Racism.[150]

Did a Muslim airline pilot kill himself and all aboard his aircraft in an act of air jihad? Did the captain of an earlier Malaysian flight do the same? We also remember an Egyptian flight lost over the Atlantic Ocean in 1999. [151]

Liberals might prefer global warming, as frigid temperatures cast a spell over New Year's Eve festivities in Las Vegas, where the size of the crowd will be less than the March for Life. [152]

John Kerry Twists Scripture: Bible Allegedly Commands America to Protect Muslims from Global Warming.[153]

Virginia Governor McAuliffe is Attempting to Radically Diminish Virginians Second Amendment rights.[154]

Liberal elitist Barack Obama’s Golf Plans Force Army Captains to Relocate Their Wedding.[155]

2014 is the year liberal lies died.[156] "Everything liberals say is a lie. No exceptions."

The Nearly Instant Reaction From Bystanders After Texas Officer Kills Gun-Wielding Suspect. [157]

Dennis Prager's Top 10 Ways Liberalism Makes America Worse. [158]

2014: year in review for creation. [159][160][161]

"Same-Sex Marriage, the Fulcrum the Left Plans to Use to Leverage for Far More." [162]

The percentage of college students who are men has decreased from 68% in 1950 to only 43% now. [163] Worst College Majors and misuse of Title IX to eliminate male sports have contributed to this problem, which is not good for women.

New National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Rules Give Unions Access to Workers’ Email and Phone Numbers.[164]

Muslims Attack Church In Germany, Screaming Obscenities, Desecrate Nativity Scene.[165]

Another thin-skinned atheist: North Korea's leader threatens "serious blows" due to theaters in the United States airing comedy.[166]

Too good to play Tim Tebow at QB? After pathetically losing a dozen games without Tebow, the Jets head coach is reportedly already cleaning out his office in anticipation of being fired. [167] Tebow would have done better than losing 12 games.

Hamas Building Tunnels in Gaza… Again.[168]

The Five Best School Choice Moments of 2014.[169]

Will freed Guantanamo detainees resurface on battlefield?[170]

New York City police officers turned their backs on Dem Mayor Bill de Blasio, while he spoke at today's funeral. [171]

2014 is the year western propaganda came into its own. [172]

School Choice Goes to Court: The Year’s Most Important Lawsuits.[173] Sore losers after the ballot boxes were counted?

New Tylenol Commercial Features Lesbian "Moms".[174]

New Report Ranks Hawaii Among the Worst Places for Business.[175] Controlled by Democrats?

An answer to the canards about the Founding Fathers not being Christians. [176]

"This last year, the number of Cubans picked up at sea by the U.S. Coast Guard or making it to U.S. shores rose nearly 75 percent, from 2,129 to 3,722." [177]

"About 70 percent of the high school graduates who enter our colleges across the state aren’t prepared for college-level work," observes the chancellor for one state university system. [178]

100 years ago: the miraculous Christmas Truce between opposing soldiers during World War I, which is honored today in Britain. [179]

"Denver shelters cite legal pot in homeless upswing." [180]

Lowclass liberal update: Protesters Yell at NYPD at Slain Officer Memorial.[181]

A new gun control PSA encourages high school students not merely to "snitch" on their parents but to steal guns out of their homes and turn the guns in to their teachers! Senator Feinstein, call your office! [182]

New York City mayor Bill De Blasio Attacks NYPD Officers That Turned Their Backs on Him.[183]

The importance of gun owner rights: History forgotten is history repeated.[184]

Socialism fails, again: "Why single payer died in Vermont." [185]

Rogue Agency Defied Judges in Partisan Probe of Wisconsin Conservatives.[186]

What is the real Prime Directive of all Muslims? See here: [187]

Aren't feminists in favor of equal rights? A new Missouri bill seeks to require the father's consent before an abortion can be performed. [188]

An English Lawmaker Called Adolf Hitler a Socialist. After the Arguing is Done, the Audience is Cheering.[189]complete video: [190]

Huff Post admits: "Hillary Clinton Support Dips In New Poll." [191] It is difficult to see Hillary gaining any support.

One wolf is a lone wolf. Two are a pair. But three or more make a pack of wolves. That applies equally to Muslim terrorism as to wildlife management. [192]

How many Senate seats will the Republicans hold in 2016?[193]

North Korea Planned Attacks on US Nuclear Plants.[194]

Will Policy Infighting Destroy OPEC?[195]

Raul Castro: Don’t expect detente to change Cuban system.[196]

Fast and Furious Gun Used In Apartment Shooting.[197]

247 seats: Republicans take their biggest majority in the House in more than 80 years, as the last contested race is called in favor of the GOP. [198] Obama has been an incredible boost to the popularity of the Republican Party.

Liberal double standard: the media is fine with how Obama oddly confused name of a lead actor in The Interview with the name of an NFL quarterback, which would have generated endless ridicule had a conservative made that gaffe. [199]

John Boehner Must Go campaign begins. "Don't Be Yellow, Dump Boehner Now" was launched by Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily. After 48 hours, over 250,000 individually addressed letters to every House Republican were ordered. [200]

Remember: fear not the one who can destroy the body, but the One Who can save the soul. [201]

The folly of college liberal claptrap: "The federal government spends about $150 billion a year on student financial aid for about 13 million students attending more than 6,100 institutions," and one out of every five students will default on their student loans. [202]

15,000 March Against "Demise of The West" and Radical Islam as Weekly Protest Grows.[203]

Obama Has Been Quietly Issuing Executive Orders by Another Name.[204]

Conservapedia proven right, again: doubts grow in Miami that Fidel Castro is alive, because he would not have approved an American-Cuban deal. [205]

Liberal education working against you. Punishing the eight year-old blind kid by taking his cane away and replacing it with a pool noodle.[206]

Something is disturbingly wrong with the release of Alan Gross from Cuba:[207]

"Fidel Castro sits quietly off-stage as history unfolds," deadpans the USA Today headline. [208] Quietly, indeed: a very sick Fidel passed away in a Cuban hospital eight years ago, but liberal denial still promotes the communist propaganda.

Liberal Detroit Releases Dozens of Accused Murderers, Rapists, Thieves, Blames "Budget Cuts".[209]

About "dead cops", race baiting, and deliberate division of a society. [210]

To liberal multimillionaire Russell Brand, an open letter from a banker whose lunch got cold.[211]

Is the two-party system merely an illusion to cover collusion between political party establishments? And if so, what can we do about it? [212]

"Being Black and Bored Allows for Beating Whites With No Hate Crime"? [213] Where is the media outrage for Pat Maheny?

"Ferguson Residents: They Better Rebuild the Businesses Rioters Burned Down or There will be Hell to Pay.'"[214]

The Ferguson and New York police cases, and reaction to them, prompt another question: how far do we let people break the law? [215]

Hill Republicans not lining up behind Jeb Bush just yet. [216] Will any of the nominees for Conservative of the Year 2014 run against Jeb?

Another liberal falsehood debunked: "we've got about 35 years worth of oil left in the whole world. We are going to run out of oil," said Jimmy Carter in 1976 to become president. Reality 38 years later: "Turns out, the world is awash with oil. So much for the dire warnings of just a few years ago that production had peaked and would slowly run out." [217]

Avoid the Worst College Majors and you'll do fine: "Community College Programs Can Lead To Big Payoffs — In The Right Fields." [218]

Christian Militias Rise to Take the Fight to ISIS.[219]

Armed Customer Takes On Armed Robber At Las Vegas Red Lobster restaurant.[220]

Gun control in Australia -- which Dems wanted to copy here -- has resulted in a gunman taking 13 unarmed people hostage in a coffee shop. [221] No criminal tries that in Texas.
UPDATE: A least two died in a police raid to end the standoff. [222]

THE 67 House Republicans who voted against the $1.1 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill.[223]

Ohio Teachers’ Union Dues Boost Big-government Lefty Groups.[224]

Here’s What Happened When a Texas Police Officer Confronted an Open Carry Advocate and Thought Nobody Else Was Watching.[225]

Since 2009, Florida’s most able-bodied recipients of government food assistance have been exempt from work requirements. The taxpayer funded gravy train continues for the seventh straight year.[226]

“Pro-Police Rally” Planned In New York City Because #BlueLivesMatter.[227]

Police Taser, pepper spray, handcuff homeschool parents for allegedly having a messy house.[228]

Iraqi man purchases Muslim, Christian, Yezidi sex slaves and then reunites them with their family. [229]

"Most college students literally have no idea how much they’re paying to go to school," and most underestimate their debt load by a significant amount. [230] Time to rethink pursuing those Worst College Majors?

Sneak Attack on Conservatives: Tea Party fumes over campaign finance plan.[231]

Homosexual Activists Angry About Billboard’s Message About Homosexuality and Genetics.[232]

How's godlessness working out for America? [233]

Gallup poll: "a large majority of Americans would like the Republican-controlled Congress, rather than President Obama, to set the direction for the country in the coming year, a marked change from 2012." [234]

Why did Norah O'Donnell of CBS News call the Har Nof synagogue, where four rabbis died in a terrorist attack, "a contested religious site"? [235]

The awesome power of the free market: "Oil Price Falls Below $60 as OPEC 'Powerless' to Stop the Rout." [236] Real wealth is in the Bible, not commodities.

Did Plano, Texas pro-homosexual agenda bill pass despite public outcry?[237]

Government lawlessness continues: Delays plague Hillary Clinton’s State Department files. [238]

Reporter Challenges White House on Intelligence Report: Obama "Can’t Be a Simple, Casual Bystander".[239]

The Shocking Thing Obama Just Said Could Make Him The Worst Enemy Of Police Everywhere.[240]

RINOs gain support of Dems to pass a $1.1 trillion spending bill, over both conservative and liberal opposition. [241] The looting of average Americans by federal politicians continues.

Gambling's devastation: "Atlantic County leads nation in job losses." [242]

Obamacare’s Destruction of Primary Care Doctors Continues.[243]

Legislation Lets States Cut Ties Between Common Core and Federal Grants.[244]

Family of Black Shooting Victim Told Al Sharpton: Keep Your “Circus” Away From His Funeral![245]

NYPD is warned of black militant group’s plan to shoot on-duty cops.[246]

Remembering Joseph of Nazareth, foster father to a famous Foster Son. [247]

PhDs are up at liberal universities, but their job offers are down: "Universities are awarding doctoral degrees at an accelerating pace, despite the fact that the career prospects of those who receive their Ph.D.s appear to be worsening." [248]

Jonathan Gruber appears before a committee of Congress. And the Congressmen miss an opportunity to defend the Constitution. [249]

Massive spending bill hits snag in Congress as deadline draws near.[250]

Berkeley Protesters Get Violent.[251]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Obama’s Police Reform Plan.[252]

Give it up, liberals: "Wishing someone 'Merry Christmas' is now protected by law in Texas public schools." [253]

Conservative black leader: When is the issue of black on black crime going to be seriously discussed? [254]

Alabama Christmas Parade Has Largest Attendance In Years Despite Atheist Attacks. [255]

Watchdogs brace for surprises in massive $1.014T spending bill. [256]

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) confirmed today: Barack Obama did not sign any executive order on immigrant amnesty on November 21. Instead he signed a meaningless statement. How will that affect the court case against his subordinates? [257]

Lack of leadership proven again: "Race relations worse under Obama, poll finds." [258]

Illegal immigrants are going home in record numbers.[259] Obamunism is killing illegal immigrant jobs?

Policeman Hit By Car, Denver Protesters Scream “Hit Him Again!”[260] Liberal "kindness" and "mercy"?

57-43% was the margin by which the Dem incumbent lost in Louisiana on Saturday, as the GOP takes a commanding 54-46 majority in the U.S. Senate. Even left-leaning describes the loss as the "Dems' final insult." [261]

Eugenics: Black Aborted Babies Remain High.[262]

Black Minister Blasts Al Sharpton, Says Looting is Glorifying Ignorance.[263]

Landslide conservative victory tonight in Louisiana: Bill Cassidy ousts entrenched Dem U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu by a wide margin. [264] It was such a large rout that the election was called within minutes of seeing the early returns.

The fruits of Obamunism, Obama's divisive politics and his global warming alarmism. China just became the largest economy. [265]

GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE GUNS: A Powerful New Documentary Is In The Works.[266]

Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton increasingly walking away from Obama.[267]

Mike Lee to House Republicans: Don' t punt the fight, block fund for Obama executive action amnesty now.[268]

"Labor Force Participation Remains at 36-Year Low," but the lamestream media pretend otherwise. [269]

"Private Equity Keeps Betting Big On Online Gambling" [270], illustrating the moral bankruptcy of crony capitalism.

Bradlee Dean delivers a prayer in the capitol at Minneapolis, Minnesota. As usual, he faces social issues head-on. And several nominal conservatives act like cowards. [271]

Time to lead in prayer, as several leaders did at critical moments. And with excellent results. [272]

Does freedom matter to the American people today? Or are people too concerned with immediate results? [273]

Police killing of blacks: What are the historical statistics? [274]

U.S. military benefits cut right before Christmas.[275]

Gov. Scott Walker joined governors and attorneys general in 17 states Wednesday in a lawsuit seeking to block Obama’s executive order on immigration.[276]

Will the Presbyterian Church USA lose its tax exempt status?[277]

"Parthenon marbles loaned to Russian museum" [278]

U.S. Military Miserable Under Obama.[279]

Barack Obama: Fund My Amnesty Or I’ll Shut Down The Government.[280]

Senator Jeff Sessions: House GOP Is On the Verge Of Breaking 2014 Campaign Promises.[281]

What Might Persuade Hillary Clinton Not To Run In 2016.[282]

What is the Federal Reserve? Where did it come from? Is its basis a total fraud? [283]

A call to repentance, and a warning that only by the grace of God does America still stand. [284]

Court Ruling Challenges Obama’s Immigration Action.[285]

The pastor of Michael Brown has his church burned down.[286]

Off duty policeman drops baby to shoot an armed robber with a submachine gun who attacked him![287]

National Debt surpasses $18 Trillion. Obama and the rest of D.C. are bankrupting your kids and grandkids. [288]

Veterans Administration to Veterans: If You’re Late Paying Bills, We Will Prohibit You From Ever Owning a Firearm.[289]

St. Louis police group demands punishment for Rams players in Ferguson protest.[290]

Wisconsin liberals' war on conservative speech.[291]

Anglican Bishop wants Prince Charles to read the Koran at his coronation.[292]

Another setback for pro-aborts: "The rate of abortions in the U.S. has reached 'historic lows' after dropping by double-digits over the last decade, according to a new government report." [293]

Be careful, in sampling the new Alternative Media, to overlook false conspiracy theories and concentrate on real crimes people in high office might have committed.[294]

Alois Brunner, one of the world's most-wanted Nazis, died unrepentant 4 years ago in Syria. [295] Adolf Eichmann’s "best man" had sent 128,000 Jews to the death camps, then advised the Assad regime on SS torture methods.

Thousands of Europeans Take to the Streets to Drive Out Islam.[296]

Chinese Communist Party publishes "adultery map" of unfaithful, godless, Chinese officials.[297] See also: Atheism and women

Amongst Ferguson agitators are communists.[298]

Black Friday -- and its interference with the spirit of Thanksgiving -- has become another secular failure. [299] People are apparently getting fed up with the commercialization of religious holidays.

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