Abortion and bleeding

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Abortion, more correctly termed infanticide, can result in severe uterine and/or vaginal bleeding for women who undergo the procedure. [1][2] Anecdotally, the bleeding often lasts for weeks[3] and can be extraordinarily painful.

The medical profession refers to this phenonenom as retained tissue. It usually occurs a few days after the "procedure". The most common cause of retained tissue is small clots or minute amounts of the tissue lining of the uterus being discharged. It can resemble a period, but unlike this entirely natural, God-given process this bleeding represents the murder of an unborn child.

Some doctors will proscribe Motrin, Advil or Ibuprofen 800 mg (4 tabs) every 6-8 hours, but the best way to avoid infanticide-related bleeding is to not murder your unborn children.


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