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Aldo Rossi (1931 - 1997) was an Italian architect. He was one of the most influential architects during the period 1972 - 1988.

Rossi established himself as an architectural theorist in 1966 with the publication of his theoretical treatise L'Architettura della citta'. In this book and in all of his design work, Rossi used the city as his central theme. [1]

The primary elements of architecture are repeated again and again in his work as Aldo Rossi engages in a determined search for essential forms based on what Aldo Rossi refers to as "repetition and fixation." Aldo Rossi attempts to recover the "immovable elements of architecture," not as empty catalogs of forms but as a search for an ageless originality found in formal types. [2]

La Nuova Piazza, Fontivegge.

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