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Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a paleoconservative libertarian talk show radio host, video blogger (YouTube) and podcaster. His show, The Alex Jones Show, is a part of his larger projects Infowars and Prison Planet, which usually deal with governmental Nanny state failures, the existence of a coming police state, constitutionalism and government conspiracies.

He is a 9/11 "truther", believing that 9/11 was pulled off by traitors of the United States Government (New World Order members) and various other politicians and high ranking military officials from several other countries. Jones also believes that Osama bin Laden was killed ten years before his official death in 2011.[1]

He has made many documentary videos in which he exposes how the government is infringing on civil rights or to make claims about an alleged 9/11 conspiracy.

He has also appeared several times as a guest on Coast to Coast AM.

Jones was a supporter of the presidential election campaign of Ron Paul and he is a strong advocate of the Second Amendment and vigorously opposes all forms of gun control.

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