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Alfred Deakin
Date of birth3 August 1856
Date of death7 October 1919
WifePattie Deakin
PartyProtectionist Party
As Prime Minister
(Term 1)
From24 September 1903
To27 April 1904
SucceededEdmund Barton
PrecededJohn Watson
(Term 2)
From5 July 1905
To13 November 1908
SucceededGeorge Reid
PrecededAndrew Fisher
(Term 3)
From2 June 1909
To29 April 1910
SucceededAndrew Fisher
PrecededAndrew Fisher

Alfred Deakin was Australia's second Prime Minister, and one of two Australian Prime Ministers to hold the office three times.

Like his predecessor, Deakin held political office prior to Federation, although in this case in Victoria. He also travelled with Barton to London to oversee the passage of the Commonwealth Constitution Bill through the British parliament.

During Barton's term as Prime Minister, Deakin held the office of Attorney General.


Australian Prime Ministers
Edmund Barton (1901)

Alfred Deakin (1903, 1905, and 1909)
John Watson (1904)
George Reid (1904)
Andrew Fisher (1908, 1910, and 1914)
Joseph Cook (1913)
William Hughes (1915)

Stanley Bruce (1923)

James Scullin (1929)
Joseph Lyons (1932)
Earle Page (1939)
Robert Menzies (1939 and 1949)
Arthur Fadden (1941)
John Curtin (1941)

Francis Forde (1945)

Joseph Chifley (1945)
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John McEwen (1967)
John Gorton (1968)
William McMahon (1971)
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Robert Hawke (1983)
Paul Keating (1991)
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Kevin Rudd (2007)

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