Am Govt Homework 3 Answers - Student Two

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Question 1: The first step in the process of a federal case is when the case goes to the district court. If the losing party doesn’t like the ruling of the court, they can then appeal for a hearing in the Appellate Court. If the losing party of this hearing whether it is the same party or not is not happy with the ruling of this court, they can then appeal for a hearing in the Supreme Court. The chances of having a hearing in the Supreme Court are very slim, with only 1% of all requests accepted to be reviewed per year.

Excellent, but lacking a specific example. (-2)

Question 2: The Rule of Four is very simple: if at least four of the nine Supreme Court justices vote on hearing a certain case, the petition will be granted.


Question 3: Federal judges are not elected; they are selected by the President. This is much more practical than having them elected, even though sometimes it would be better to elect a judge, especially if there is an incompetent president in office, such as we have today. Magistrate and bankruptcy judges are known as non-Article III judges. Their terms last eight years, and can be renewed.

Very good answer.
Question 4: There are two types of litigated cases in federal court: the first is when a federal law has been broken; the second is when an individual’s rights have been violated.
Not quite. The second is when there is diversity of citizenship (a dispute between citizens of different states). (-2)

Question 5: The media has a huge effect on politics. When something is advertised for or against a certain subject or candidate over and over on television, in the newspaper, or online, it is ingrained in people’s minds, causing them to view the subject differently, sometimes changing their mind about who to vote for.

Good answer.

Question 6: It was a very good decision by the Framers of the U.S. Constitution to not release the details about the Constitution until it was finished. They knew that had they released the details and their thoughts on the topic, that they would have been much more hindered by the public, those who didn’t want a constitution, those who wanted some of their own ideas to be inserted, etc.


Question 8: The first reason why the Supreme Court would hear an appeal is if there is a conflict between courts in different parts of the country. The second reason why the Supreme Court would hear an appeal is if it concerns and issue of great importance in the nation such as “ObamaCare”. The case likely used the second reason to be granted cert in the violent video game case.

"The case likely used" -> "The court likely used". Otherwise excellent.
Score: 66/70. Well done.--Andy Schlafly 14:47, 9 October 2012 (EDT)