Am Govt Homework 4 Answers - Student Four

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MorganT’s Homework for Lecture 4

Answer the first five questions, and then two of the remaining three:

1. The Federal Communications Commission (inside the Commerce Department) is responsible for issues concerning the Internet. The FCC strives to promote safety, diversity, localism, and strength in the nation’s media. I think the FCC should regulate the Internet in these ways.

Good answer, though some have valid concerns about government taking control over the internet. Also, it was a mistake in the lecture about where the FCC is located. It is actually an independent agency, and is not inside the Commerce Department, even though the FCC does regulate a form of commerce. Full credit.

2. The three most important federal agencies are the State Department, the Defense Department, and the Department of Justice. People’s safety (the right to life) should be the federal government’s first priority. Security in foreign policy and protection from federal crime help ensure the people’s safety.

Excellent answer!

3. The Cabinet is a group of officials who advise the president. The Cabinet consists of the heads of the different federal departments.


4. If Mitt Romney is elected president, he might nominate current NJ Governor Chris Christy as a member of his Cabinet. If this happened, New Jersey would need a new governor.

Christy -> Christie. Otherwise correct, except the new governor would be the current lieutenant governor (who is a liberal Republican).

5. I wish to write an FOIA to the Department of Education. I would ask the DOE for all the facts behind the federal regulation of school lunches under the Obama administration. I do not believe that this regulation is constitutional, and by getting all the facts, I can actively protest against it.

Superb answer - the best in the class on this question.

6. Executive Orders are unconstitutional because they endow the President with kingly power. The President (as one man) should not be able to give unwise orders. The people (even if it is a small group of people) should hold him accountable.

Good answer.

7. The FEC (Federal Election Commission) is an independent agency. That is, the FEC is not in a federal department and is not connected to the President’s Cabinet. This is a good thing, though, because that means the President does cannot choose who is a part of the FEC. The FEC, then, is neutral in the Presidential Election. Obama, as the incumbent, does not have an unfair advantage over Romney.

Excellent explanation.

Extra Credit (answer two of the following five questions):

10. Ordinarily, a Congress tries to win the people’s favor when they go to pass a law. A “lame duck” Congress means that a portion of the Congress has been voted out already and only has a few months before it leaves. Because they have been voted out already, the Congressmen have nothing to lose. Consequentially, the Congressmen try to pass laws the laws they want to pass without thinking of what the people want. This is detrimental to the future of the nation, because the wellbeing of the nation is not considered in a “lame duck” Congress.

Terrific answer - best in the class.

11. Many have unsuccessfully sought to abolish the U.S. Department of Education. They failed due to economics. If an area or organization stops supporting the DOE, the DOE will stop funding that area or organization. Therefore, no one wants vote against the DOE. (If Governor Rick Perry were President, he would abolish the DOE altogether instead of slowly removing it by voting.)

Your answer describes this in general terms, but DOE does not fund organizations so the cause-and-effect is not so direct. Also, Perry said he would abolish the DOE, but Congress would need to agree and it is not likely to do so, even if Perry were President. (-1).
Total score: 89/90. Excellent work, among the highest in the class.