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American Government and Politics: Lecture Four Homework

Friday, October 12, 2012


Question 1:

Located in the Commerce Department of the executive branch, the Federal Communications Commission is responsible for issues that involve the internet. In my opinion, this commission should not be able to regulate the internet. Although it is true that, as human immorality and sinfulness increases, the internet continues to grow dangerous, placing yet another power into the hands of the federal government is very dangerous. While guards and “roadblocks,” so to speak, can be established to protect us from harmful internet content, it is extremely difficult to take power out of the hand of the government once it is placed there. The government is always growing, and suppressing freedom of speech on the internet would only increase its rate of growth.

Superb answer, except the FCC is an independent agency. It was a mistake in the lecture to place it in the Commerce Department. The FCC does regulate commerce, but the FCC as an agency is independent. Full credit.

Question 2:

The Department of State is one of the most valuable departments of all. It allows the U.S. to approach other countries in an organized way, and this organization gives the President access to information that will aid him as he makes decisions regarding relations with other nations.

Additionally, the Department of Defense offers an essential resource to the United States. The country needs to be protected from possible attacks and to be ready to defend other nations, if the need arises; this department is invaluable. Without it, military enlistment and management would be difficult and disorganized. As Congressman Paul Ryan noted during the Vice Presidential Debate on Thursday, October 11, America believes in “peace through [military] strength,” and the Department of Defense is a means by which we can promote this peace.

Finally, the Department of Justice is important because it sets national standards for prosecution of certain crimes.

These three are the most important; the others, though they do provide some beneficial services, are largely oppressive and regulatory.

Excellent answer, but the Department of Justice sets national standards only for the federal prosecution of crimes. It does not set standards for the prosecution of crimes in state court, which are a much bigger number.

Question 3:

The “Cabinet” is a group of government officials who advise the President in various matters. Each member of this advisory group is the “Secretary,” or leader, of one of the federal agencies of the executive branch. Although the Senate must confirm each Secretary, the President can largely choose his own advisors by nominating them to the head of each executive agency.

Good, but note that one member of the Cabinet is the Attorney General (not the "Secretary") of the Department of Justice. Also, members of the Cabinet must be approved by the Senate. (-1)

Question 4:

If Mitt Romney is elected to the presidency this fall, then New Jersey will probably have a new governor next year. Gov. Romney would most likely nominate Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey for the station of Attorney General, the leadership position of the Department of Justice, and Gov. Christie would become part of Romney’s Cabinet of advisors. Thus, New Jersey would need a new governor.


Question 5:

As part of a FOIA request, I would ask the Food and Drug Association what medications/pesticides they have deemed “safe” over the years that have later been proved dangerous. This would show how foolish the FDA can be in prematurely stating that certain foods or drugs are safe because of political pressure. The FDA seems to have a reputation of being “divine,” or always knowing everything about food and drug safety. However, people make mistakes; they cannot consider every implication of every medical factor. Examples of the FDA’s past mistakes might awaken more people to the agency’s fallibility so that they can make better decisions for themselves.

Superb answer. Also, the FDA may delay or deny approval for helpful treatments, such as adult stem cells (because pro-abortion factions have political influence over the FDA, and tend to want embryonic stem cells approved rather than adult stem cells).

Question 6:

Executive Orders are dangerous! After all that our Founding Fathers did to create a balanced nation, these Orders apply the ancient ruling method that has time after time been tested and time after time has failed: “I’m the leader, so my word is law.” The excuse that the president may issue such Orders to ensure that “the Laws be faithfully executed” is preposterous, because enforcing laws is one matter, while creating new laws is entirely another.

Very good answer.

Question 8:

The FDA is the agency which will decide if this new therapy that uses adult stem cells will be allowed in the U.S. The decision will be influenced politically; organizations that promote embryonic stem cell research will likely put pressure on the FDA by showing disapproval for this therapy, since it will undermine their own work.


Extra Credit:

Question 11:

The Department of Education (DoE) is so difficult to uproot because it has given so much money away to various states and schools over the years. These states/schools support the DoE because they want to stay in the government’s good graces, they are under pressure to do support it, or they feel loyal because of the grants they were given. The power of bribery—including the underhanded bribery the DoE uses—is strong. If the Department was abolished, many schools would be overturned due to political turmoil, and teachers would go on strike. In order for the Department of Education to be overturned, many difficult, politically-ridden obstacles would need to be overcome.

"Bribery" is too strong a word in your answer, and "overturned" is not the right word for the meaning of "abolished" or "eliminated". Otherwise your answer is very good.

Question 13:

The fact that stands out the most after reading about the executive agencies is how overpowering and regulatory the government is increasingly becoming. Whether it is the Department of Labor, stating the lowest price an employer can pay his employees; the Environmental Protection Agency, forbidding people to cut down their own trees; or the Department of Education, setting identical educational standards for unique, individual people with different abilities and learning styles; it is clear that the government is growing more and more liberal and oppressive. Our country was based on freedom: freedom of taxation without representation, freedom to use the available resources, freedom to work hard, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. Sadly, over the years these freedoms have been encroached upon, largely due to the agencies of the executive branch. The legislative and judicial branches need utilize their power to use the check-and-balance system to return the executive branch to its constitutional place.

Total Score: 89/90. One of the very highest scores in the class.--Andy Schlafly 17:52, 19 October 2012 (EDT)