Am Govt Homework 6 Answers - Student Five

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MorganT’s Homework for Lecture #6

Answer Questions One Thru Five

1. The president’s most influential powers are the power to determine foreign policy as commander-in-chief and the power to nominate the leaders of all executive departments.

Very good. You might have included the power to nominate judges to federal courts, such as the power to nominate new U.S. Supreme Court Justices.

2. Before the final presidential debate, I would have advised Gov. Romney to strive for likeability.

That appears to be exactly what he tried to do in the final debate, so your advice was apparently the same as what his top advisors thought.

3. A “lobbyist” is a spokesperson, often hired by interest groups to meet with legislators to suggest the imposing or neglecting of laws.

"neglecting" is the wrong word. (-1) Better: "to suggest the enactment or blocking of certain laws."

4. An interest group is a group of like-minded people that tries to achieve a political goal. For example, the pro-choice and pro-gay interest groups want to vote for a candidate that expresses pro-choice and pro-gay policies. When President Obama generated the Democratic Platform, Obama used pro-choice and pro-gay policies to win the vote of that interest group.

Grammar: "candidate that" -> "candidate who". Also, a candidate does not "win the vote" of an interest group (an organization, such as an interest group, does not itself vote). A candidate wins the support or endorsement of an interest group. (-1) Otherwise your answer is good.

5. A Hindu is likely to vote for the Republican Party, because the Hindu culture is against abortion. An evangelical Christian is likely to vote for the Republican party, although in this case, because Romney claims to profess Mormonism, many evangelical Christians will discriminate Romney and give their vote to Obama.

"discriminate Romney" is missing a word - perhaps you meant "discriminate against Romney." The substance of your answer is excellent, with the interesting example of Hindu voters.

Special Option:

During the final presidential debate, moderator Bob Schieffer asked Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama questions regarding foreign policy. The questions provided the candidates with the opportunity to inform the people of the United States about where the candidates stood on foreign issues. I think Romney utilized this opportunity to appear more presidential. Romney spoke with firmness on issues where Obama had been more lenient. For example, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad openly tells the world that America and Israel must be die. In the past, President Obama has allowed Ahmadinejad to come to speak at the United Nations in New York City. Although Romney did not mention this specific issue in the presidential debate, Romney clearly stated that as president he would indict Ahmadinejad under the Genocide Convention. Thus indicted, the threatening Iranian president will not be allowed on American soil. I do not think Obama is firm enough on the people who want to harm America and America’s allies. While Obama used his time to attack Romney’s policies on certain issues, Romney mainly used his time to praise the president, to praise America, and to offer new policies that will help return America to a place of utmost desirability among the nations. I think the final debate made Obama look like a good refuter, but I think the final debate helped Romney appear more presidential.

Very good analysis - better than that of many experts. (There is a grammatical mistake in the middle of your answer about America and Israel - it's best to proofread your answers before turning them in.)
Total score: 88/90. Excellent homework, among the best in the class.--Andy Schlafly 09:59, 27 October 2012 (EDT)