Am Govt Homework 6 Answers - Student One

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Question 1: Clearly, the two most influential powers of the president are the power to determine foreign policy and the power to issue executive orders on any topic.

Good choices, although most would not rank the executive order power in the top two. The power to nominate federal judges would be in the top two for many informed voters.

Question 2: I would advise Romney to state that, even though he is pro-war, he will not abuse the power of commander-in-chief in the military.

Excellent answer - the best in the class so far.

Question 3: A lobbyist is someone who waits in the lobby of a facility where someone of legislature works, to try and speak with them as they leave their offices. They try to get them to sponsor or vote for bills. Lobbyists are usually hired by companies who either would suffer financially if a certain bills was passed, or would prosper further if another was passed.

Good, but the first sentence is too literal. That is the origin of the word, but today high-priced lobbyists do not merely wait in lobbies. (-1)

Question 4: An interest group is a group of people dedicated to one particular issue. An example of an interest group is the NRA, a group blocking gun control legislation.

Correct, but an example not discussed so much in the lecture would have been better.

Question 5: Most African-Americans will vote for Obama, simply because he is the first African-American president in the history of the United States. Almost all evangelical Christians will vote for the Republican party, because Obama stands for many things that we do not believe in or support.

Good analysis.

Question 7: Third-parties are virtually meaningless in this generation. While they may have great views on certain topics, they are completely run over by the Democratic and Republican parties with no chance of winning any election; this renders them a waste of time. I think that the United States has a two party system because most people view various topics with the same mindset: either the Republican mindset or the Democrat mindset.

Excellent answer.

Question 8: Interest groups, when centering on topics such as gun control and anti-abortion are good for the country. Through them, it is much easier to state your views on a certain topic. However, on topics such as pro-abortion, they can be very harmful to the next generation of our country.

Superb answer again.
Total score: 69/70. Very good.--Andy Schlafly 09:46, 27 October 2012 (EDT)