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MorganT’s Homework for Lecture #8

1. The Democrats “spread the word” very effectively to remind fellow Democrats to vote. By doing this, Democrats ensured that a vast percent of Democrats voted. The Republicans did not spread the word as effectively; therefore, more Democrats showed up to vote during the election period. The Democrats won the “ground game” through spreading the word more effectively than their Republican counterparts. It is also important to note that Conservatives tend to be loyal to the old practice of voting on Election Day. Because most Conservatives are Republicans, this means that fewer Republicans used the long voting period to their advantage.

Interesting, but this answer seems incomplete in omitting how Democrats would "spread the word" and utilize early voting to do so. (-1)

2. An initiative is when people write a proposed law directly on their ballot. A referendum can be one of two things. Either a bill is placed on the state legislature ballot for the people to vote on, or the people approve or repeal a bill the legislature has already passed.

"a bill is placed on the state legislature ballot" -> "a bill is placed by the state legislature on the ballot." (-1) Otherwise the answer is good.

3. Obama showed himself far more likeable than Romney. When Romney tried to appear more likeable, the plan backfired in his face. During the final presidential debate, for example, Romney agreed with nearly everything Obama said. Because Romney “liked” what the president had done in the past, the undecided voters suddenly found Obama more appealing.

Excellent analysis, one of the best in the class.

4. Divided government and gridlock take place when the government is split between two parties. For example, when the Democrats control the Senate and the Republicans control the House. I believe that a house divided cannot stand. Likewise, a government that counteracts and fights itself cannot accomplish any good.

True, but divided government is also unable to cause much harm, which is an advantage to it.

5. New Jersey does not allow an initiate. New Jersey should allow an initiative because an initiative gives the people the ability to create laws. Although initiatives are tedious work, citizens of all states should be given the opportunity to undergo such work.

"initiate" -> "initiative" This answer does not explain why citizens should be given this opportunity, or why it would be an improvement. (-1)

6. No, it was not presidential for Chis Christie to praise Obama so close to Election Day. Chris Christie was helping the “other team” earn more likeability points by approving of the president’s actions. However, during the crisis of Hurricane Sandy, Chis Christie mentioned that he was not thinking about the election; rather, he was concerned about the wellbeing of the citizens. By not carefully considering the political components of his actions, and by purposefully ignoring the presidential election, Chris Christie put his party at risk.

Very good answer, one of the best in the class.

8. Yes, I agree with Ron Paul’s quote. Pure democracy is dangerous, but America is not a pure democracy. America is a democratic republic that separates the powers so that the majority (the people) cannot rule above the minority (the elected officials.)

Superb answer
Total score: 67/70. Good work.--Andy Schlafly 20:56, 23 November 2012 (EST)