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Craig1 answers

1.List what you think are the top factors (e.g., jobs, handling of the wars, Tea Parties, media bias, government spending, education, or anything else) affecting the outcome of the election this November 2, and give relative "weights" to each according to your opinion.

The leading factor in this coming midterm election are (in order of greater percentage to lesser) Government spending (economy) 40% Tea parties is a strong aspect of success for conservatives 35% Media bias 25% The "major media" is becoming a lessor problem because of the internet. It's still a problem to be sure but its hold is decreasing.

Excellent analysis. ("Lesser", not "lessor"). Full credit.

2. Identify the total numbers by political party in the House and Senate, before the election (e.g.,the House consists of__Democrats and __Republicans, for a total of 435). Include the Independents in the Senate in the Democratic totals because they vote for the Democratic leadership.

Current House members 258 Democrats 177 Republicans

Senate members 57 Democrats 41 Republicans Independent Democrats 2

Correct! Full credit.

3. Is the President on the ballot this November?

No. Presidents are only elected on years divisible by 4. Obama was elected in 2008 therefore the next elected President is in 2012.

Correct again. Full credit.

4. After midterm elections I make the following prediction. The Senate will pick up 8 or so Republicans. 49 Republicans 49 Democrats

2 Independents

The House will be picked up by 47 Republicans. 224 Republicans 211 Democrats

As the Tea Party continues to advance, more inroads are being made for conservatism. The Tea Party is in transition as to its original calling of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and adherence to the constitution. It will continue to elect true conservatives and eliminate Rhinos.

Superb answer. Full credit.
Perfect homework! 40/40. Congratulations!--Andy Schlafly 22:24, 10 October 2010 (EDT)