Am Govt Homework One Answers - Student Three

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1. List what you think are the top factors (e.g., jobs, handling of the wars, Tea Parties, media bias, government spending, education, or anything else) affecting the outcome of the election this November 2, and give relative "weights" to each according to your opinion.

I believe that the state of the economy is the number one factor. A lot of people, left and right, are worried about jobs. The Democrats are perceived by groups such as the Tea Party to be directing the country in the opposite direction it needs to go. Some Democrats are disgusted with what the liberal-majority congress is doing and are beginning to lean more right. Therefore, I give the economy a 60%. Needless government spending resulted in the formation of Tea Parties. Their influence is gaining daily, despite all the media bias against them. I give Government spending 20%, tea parties 15%, and media bias a 5%.

Superb analysis. Full credit.

2. Identify the total numbers by political party in the House and Senate, before the election (e.g., the House consists of __ Democrats and __ Republicans, for a total of 435). Include the Independents in the Senate in the Democratic totals because they vote for the Democratic leadership.

There are 59 democrats and 41 republicans in the Senate. There are 253 Democrats and 178 Republicans in the House.

Correct in Senate, not quite right in House (total is too few). Minus 1. With two vacancies, the House total should add to 435.

3. Is the President on the ballot this November? If not, then why not?

No he is not. 2010 is not divisible by four.


4. Using your answers questions 1 and 2 above and any other information, make a prediction of composition by political party of the House and Senate after Election Day. Explain briefly the basis of your predictions.

I predict that republicans may take the senate and the house, but the odds are low. I do believe that republicans will gain many more seats in the Senate and the House though. People seem to be fed up with the way our country is headed.

Good, but could be more specific. Minus 2.

Extra credit: 5. What tactical change by either party between now and the election would cause you to change your prediction significantly?

Smear campaigns tend to turn people off. Scandals in either party might affect the outcome. The Republicans should push the jobs and deficit situations, and a solution for both. Doing so in a smooth way would significantly improve their chances.

Your second sentence contradicts your first, because scandals are publicized as smear campaigns. The answer is superb otherwise. Plus 3/5.

TerryB 11:33, 4 September 2010 (EDT)

Score: 37/40, plus 3, for a total of 40. With improvement you'll be doing very well.--Andy Schlafly 20:17, 4 September 2010 (EDT)