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Israel's Govt. Homework One Answers

1. List what you think are the top factors affecting the election this November 2 and give relative weights to each according to your opinion. A. Healtrh Plans- 40%, B. Immigration-20%, C. Jobs-20%, D.Tea Party-10%

Superb analysis. Full credit.

2. Identify the total number by political party in the house and senate, before the election. Include the independentgs in the senate in the Democratic total because they vote for the Democratic Leadership. The senate has 100 seats and this is the division of the senate, 59 democrats and 41 republicans. The house has 435 members and this is the division in the house, 253 Democrats and 178 Republicans

Senate is right. Your total in House is not 435. Minus 1 point.

3. Is the President on the ballot this November? If not, why? No, because the Presidents' term is 4 years and President Obama was elected in 2008 and 2010 is not divisible by 4.


4. Using your answers questions 1 and 2 above and any other information, make a prediction of composition by political party in the Senate and House after the election day. I predict the Rebuplicans will take both the Senate and the House. The reason I believe this is because of the Democratic positions and policies of big government and because of the Tea Party movement.

"Republicans" is the spelling. Your answer is good but incomplete, as it does not specify the "composition" by numbers. Minus 2 points.

Extra Credit

5. what tactical change by either party between now and the election would cause you to change your predition significantly? If the Rebuplicans moved away from captialism and wanted or more government or if the Democrats all started to go against President Obama's policies.

Good answer. Full credit.
Score: 37/40 plus 5 points extra credit, for a total of 42. Solid homework!--Andy Schlafly 20:05, 4 September 2010 (EDT)

Israel garza 9/23/2010: 11:52PM