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American Dad is a liberal cartoon TV serial by the atheist Seth MacFarlane. There are about 175 episodes in 11 seasons.


Stan Smith is a patriotic conservative republican agent of the CIA and father of two kids. His wife Francine and his son Steve support his politics. But his daughter Hayley is a liberal atheist hippie. In addition Klaus, a gold fish with an exchanged brain of a German man, and Roger, a homosexual alien with a voice and mannerisms patterned after late comedian Paul Lynde, live with the family.

Liberal Themes

In the episode "Lincoln Lover" Stan unwittingly becomes involved with Log Cabin Republicans and over time comes to support the inclusion of homosexuals in the Republican Party. The episode "Surro-Gate" even supports the claimed "right" for homosexuals to adopt children. The episode "American Dream Factory" supports immigration of illegal aliens.

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