American Government Homework One Answers

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Answer these essay questions:

1. What do you hope to achieve by taking this course?

Learn more about how our nation is governed and how to solve daily problems relating to government.

So that "I'm better equipped for the fight for freedom I know I will face in later years"

2. Which sections of the Constitution (a) give powers to Congress and (b) restrict powers of Congress?

(a) Article 1 Section 8 grants the major powers to the Congress and (b) Article 1 Section 9 imposes the major restrictions on Congress.

3. Which sections of the Constitution restrict the powers of the States?

Article I Section 10.

4. Explain what you think is the single most important clause of the Constitution, and why.

5. What individual or civil liberties were established by the original Constitution, prior to the amendments (Hint: look somewhere near the end of Article III)?

6. Quote the section of the Constitution that gives Congress the power to remove authority from the federal courts (Hint: see the Article establishing the judiciary). Draft a simple law to take away an issue of your choice from the Courts.

7. The Founders thought Congress was the most important branch, but now some would say that the President or Supreme Court is more important. Your view, and why?

8. Give three examples of congressional power that affects your family every month. Cite the constitutional clauses creating each of those federal powers.

9. What clause allows Congress go beyond powers expressly given to it by the Constitution? What power, currently retained by the States, do you think Congress should never take from them?

10. What specific improvements would you make to the Constitution? If none, then explain why you think it is perfect. Give specific examples, including citations to specific article and section numbers.