American History Homework Five Answers - Student Six

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American History Homework Five 10/12/08 Olivia F.

1. The following would be true about Mr. Biden except: (b) he welcomed immigrants into the United States.


2. The Whig Party was in favor of a national bank, against annexing Texas, and for the most part, against slavery.


3. The cause of the Mexican War was probably two things: 1) President Polk sending troops down to the Mexican border, and 2) the whole argument over the distribution of the land. The Mexican War was ended by the Treaty of Guadalupe- Hidalgo.


4. I believe that Harriet Beecher Stowe was a very important person between 1840 and 1860 because the publication of Uncle Tom’s Cabin got the people’s attention. The North was naïve about what was going on in the South. Of course they knew about slavery and the hardships the slaves endured, but they never really understood how difficult it was until Uncle Tom’s Cabin was published.

Terrific answer.

5. “Bleeding Kansas” was the conflict over slavery in Kansas during the 1850s. It was called “Bleeding Kansas” because of all the violence that occurred.


6. This cartoon depicts Stephen Douglas being spanked by Columbia while Uncle Sam is watching approvingly. This cartoon shows that the artist was not pleased with the Nebraska Bill, nor was they pleased with Stephen Douglas.


7. The Civil War was inevitable. The North and the South disagreed on too many things, such as tariffs, slavery, and political parties.

Good again.

H1. The South could not have won the Civil War. They won numerous battles, but ultimately lost the war because there were too many odds stacked against them. To begin with, they had a significantly smaller population than the North- 22 million to 9 million. Also, their slaves began to revolt and run away, which caused a decrease in the export of cotton, causing the South to lose profits.

Excellent answer. Will use as a model answer.

H2. The Compromise of 1850 was presented by Henry Clay and stated the following: 1) that California was a free state, 2) the South was allowed to bring slaves into the Southwestern territories, 3) the slave trade in D.C. was abolished, but not slavery, 4) there were to be tougher federal fugitive slave laws, and 5) Texas would receive $10M to pay off debts and it would give up claims to other territories/states.


H4. I believe that while John Brown informed the people about the evils of slavery and believed that he was helping his cause, he went about it in the wrong way. John Brown was a leader, someone the people admired. What did he accomplish when he killed five men? The community then had the example that it was acceptable to kill not only the slave traders and plantation owners, but anyone whom they disliked. Therefore, I do not think that John Brown effectively helped his cause.

Superb answer.
Perfect answers! Score: 100/100. Congratulations!