American History Homework Four Answers - Student 30

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American History Homework 4


1. It was the first peaceful change in power due to an election.


2. Yes I would have. Because if we didn’t purchase it then we could have a bunch of French neighbors or maybe even a different country.

Good point!

3. It could have been the Indian tribes rising up and the British helping them or England though that Madison was a horrible president and that this would be a good time to try and get the colonies back.

Good insight ... you never know what an enemy might have in mind in taking back territory!

4. How he was able to come to agreements with Britain right after the president before him was at war with them.


5. It is called Jacksonian Democracy because the middle and lower class voters loved Jackson as much as the upper class disliked him.


6. Marshall’s court is known for expanding the power of the Supreme Court.


7. I think that Bull is Britain and Columbia is America. Bruin comes in at the end of the War of 1812 and brings a peace treaty to make peace between both countries.

Right. However, try to explain the point of view being expressed by the cartoonist. (Minus 1).

Honors Questions

H1. He receives better treatment because everyone only looks on the great things he did like write the Declaration of Independence.


H4. The north was for Tariffs and the south was against them. If the governments putting a tariff on seeds and stuff they need for growing there crops then they are going to get mad. But since the north was not growing anything and they only had a few tariffs on minor things then they were not against them.

Good explanation.

H5. Take Elijah Lovejoy. He was the first white martyr for the abolitionist movement. He was killed because he said things against slavery. Today we have people who say mean things about a lot of people but no one ever dies from telling the truth.

Actual murder for telling the truth is rare today, fortunately. But people are harmed in other ways for telling the truth today too, such as losing their job or being unfairly smeared by opponents, or even going to jail. Good answer, though.
Well done! Score: 99/100.