American History Homework Four Answers - Student Fifteen

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American History

Homework Assignment 4

1. The Revolution of 1800 was a peaceful change in power due to an election in modern history.


2. If I were president I would have approved the Louisiana Purchase because I believe the U.S. needed the expansion. Having more land was a show of power to other countries.

Good point.

3. A cause of the War of 1812 was electing the egghead James Madison, to the presidency.

Interesting insight! But you could say a bit more about the direct causes. (Minus 1).

4. I like the prosperity that occurred in under the Monroe Administration.


5. Jacksonian Democracy means that Andrew Jackson won the presidency by a huge margin.

More than that. It concerns giving power to the common man. (Minus 1).

6. The Marshall Court is known for its expansion in government and for the case Marbury vs. Madison.

Right, but more precisely it was the expansion in the power of the federal courts. (Minus 1).


(Minus 10). It is good to try to answer each question to ensure picking up some points.

8. H1 Jefferson seems to receive better treatment by historians than he deserves because he was president during the Louisiana Purchase. He doubled the size of the United States.

Good point.

9. H4 The North loved the tariffs, while the South hated the tariffs. The North loved the tariffs because it reduced the competition with other foreign countries. The South hated the tariffs because they produced all the cotton and needed things that could only be imported.


10. H5 Slavery affected the right to freedom of speech. Some people were opposed to slavery while others were not. The even split between the two sides caused a lot of tension. If someone were to speak out against slavery, they would be put down and some were even killed. When the government tries to solve these kinds of problems they usually make laws forbidding that speech. Today gays are affecting out freedom to speech by placing the hate speech law on us.

Excellent analysis.
Good effort, with some superb answers. Score: 87/100.