American History Homework One Answers - Student Fifteen

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Nathanael Hagan September 10, 2008 American History Homework Assignment 1

1. Spanish, English, and French


2. I find his search for adventure most inspiring.


3. Several early settlements in America failed because they the people in those settlements were not used to America’s weather, the land, and the Indians.


4. The motivation for the first settlements in Massachusetts’s area was religious freedom. The Pilgrims wanted to separate from the Church of England completely. The Puritans just wanted to purify the Church of England without leaving it.


5. William Penn was remarkable, because he was the first person to start a colony that offered freedom to all religions.

Good, could say a bit more to support the statement that Penn was remarkable (others, like Roger Williams, also supported religious freedom). (Minus 1).

6. The four types of colonies were Joint-stock colony’s (Virginia and Massachusetts Bay), charter colony’s (Connecticut and Rhode Island), proprietary colony’s (Pennsylvania and New York), and royal colony’s (Georgia).


7. The Puritans were not right to be strict and to expel people of other religions. Everyone is welcomed to his or her own religion. However, the Puritans did have the right to be strict and to expel people of other religions.

Good points, but they seem a bit contradictory. Explain your own view better. (Minus 1).

8. H1. A colony based on a particular religion or religious ideal might encounter areas where they are not welcomed. It is possible that they could survive without the help of other settlements, just like the Pilgrims. The Pilgrims were on their own for the first winter when they arrived in Massachusetts. The King of England was not willing to help them out because he hated them for their religious views.


9. H2. The Massachusetts Bay Company obtained a royal charter and sent a group of Puritans to settle in New England. They hoped to purify the Church of England with a more perfect community than in England itself. It was financed and led by John Winthrop.

Good again.

10. H3. What happened to the Roanoke Colony? The settlers in the Roanoke Colony had been dropped off with the promise that England would return with more people in one year. A lot of things can happen in one year. Not being used to the country and the ways of survival in America, the colonists probably ran low on supplies. Indian attacks would have instilled fear into the colonists, so that they would not attempt to go and collect food. Growing weaker and weaker, the colonists then either surrendered to the Indians or were killed by them.

Good analysis.
Great start: 98/100.