American History Homework Six Answers - Student Twenty

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American History Homework 6 Zachary Chambers 10-22-08

1. President Lincolns main goal was to preserve the Union.


2. The purpose of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution were to make slavery illegal and to protect the rights of African-Americans.

Correct, but a little more detail would be welcome. (Minus 1).

3. Ulysses S Grant. He was a brilliant general and he was a major factor in the North’s victory.


4. Nothing

OK, but explain why. (Minus 2).

5. Abraham Lincoln thought independently and didn’t worry about what people thought of him.


6. The purpose of this cartoon is to illustrate how unpopular, to some Americans, Lincoln was. Lady Liberty holding the severed slave head represents the American people’s dislike of African Americans. Lady Liberty is kicking Lincoln out of the White House and he is in a disguise so no one recognizes him. And McClellan is walking into the White House to assume the Presidency. This cartoon was probably drawn just before Lincoln’s was elected for his second term.

Good analysis.

7. The cartoon is saying that no matter how different or wrong another culture is it is welcome in the United States. Every man has the same opportunities that the other has.

Good, but relate to the issue of Chinese immigration in particular. (Minus 1).
Score: 66/70.