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Joey M.

1. What is your favorite period of time in American history, and why? My favorite period is 1607-1800, because it illustrates the birth of a nation starting from scattered colonies into a functioning Democracy. It is very interesting and fun to study the politics, the war and the trials in that period.

Superb, may use as a model answer!

2. Contrast President Ronald Reagan with President Bill Clinton. Whereas Reagan did what was best for the country, Clinton did what fit the Democratic Agenda such as the Brady Bill or the ADA bill. Whereas Reagan for the most part was virtuous, Clinton had many affairs and lied about them, too. Finally, when the students at Columbine were massacred, instead of mourning, Clinton seized on this to push another gun control bill. Reagan would never have done that.

Terrific, also model answer material!

3. What would you say is the most important trend or trends guiding American history? It is always hard to know a trend except in hindsight. But I believe the most important one was Manifest Destiny. manifest Destiny was the idea that God wanted the Americans to explore and control the land from the Pacific to the Atlantic, this idea started many things, the Louisiana Purchase, the Mexican war and so on,but it also led the Americans to gain much more land. because it really guided America to what it is today and America would not have been as secure or as militarily powerful as it is today if it weren’t for Manifest Destiny.

Superb analysis.

4. What is the most important threat to the future of America? Cite history to support your view. The most important threat to America, I think is the hard economic times and the setback of another great depression, but also the conflict in the Middle East where it seems to be somewhat akin to the Vietnam War with the loss of life and there being no clear winner.

Excellent again, and I think I'll make this the model answer!

5. Do you see a connection between culture and success for a nation? Give an example from history (e.g., period of time) to support your view. I believe that the more Christian nations have a greater chance of success, for instance the United States in the beginning was very Christian and has stayed that way and it is also a very successful nation. And England, France, and Italy were traditionally Christian Nations and they have been very successful too.

Good point, with good use of examples.

6. Describe two of the greatest achievements of Ronald Reagan. The two greatest achievements of Ronald Regan were one, Star Wars a missile defense system that would cause the defending countries missile to hit the enemy’s missile when the enemy’s missile was in the air. And, two, the demand to the Russians to “tear down” the Berlin Wall, a request that marked the beginning of the end of communism in much of Europe.

Terrific answer again!

7. Explain during which century you think this map was drawn, and comment how America's achievements may have met or exceeded the expectations of the cartographer or other people of his time. This map was probably written in the 16th century. The cartographers portrayal of South America seems to me to look more like North America, and India is way off and is to close to America. He also doesn’t seem to have drawn Canada either.


Honors (pick 3 out of 5) H1. Using American history as your guide, predict what will happen in the first two years of the Obama Administration. He will probably try to push as many bills as he can through the Senate, somewhat akin to FDR’s “New Deal”; probably he will pull troops out of Iraq, and try to pass a lot of Social Welfare and Gun Control Bills.

Good predictions, could use as a model answer.

H2. Write about any issue, debate, or mystery related to the lecture or its time period. Should President Gerald Ford have pardoned Nixon? I think that he should not have pardoned Nixon because he knew Nixon.

Are you saying that a president should never pardon someone he knows? Perhaps that does create a conflict of interest. But there is no one else who has the power under the Constitution to issue the pardon, so it's not as though someone else can do it. Your insight is a good one regardless.

H4. What is your view of the government spying on its own citizens, such as authorized by the Patriot Act? I think that it is okay if you have specific evidence that points to this person and if you have a court warrant. But otherwise it is an infringement on the rights and privacy of an individual.

Right. Well done.
Terrific answers and a very strong finish! This paper is among the best and your work was at a high level the entire course. 100/100. Perfect, and congratulations!--aschlafly 09:05, 21 December 2008 (EST)