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Mark DeJ American History Homework 13

1. I really enjoy reading and learning about World War II because of what was sacrificed to keep the world safe from a dictator who wanted to exterminate an entire race and rule the world. I also learned (this year) that there was a positive result of the United States entering the war. World War II got us out of the Great Depression. In addition, after the war, America experienced an economic boom.

Excellent points, could use as a model.

2. Ronald Reagan was born into a poor family in Illinois and was not very good in anything he did; whether it was sports, school, acting or sports broadcasting. However, two things he was good at were keeping an upbeat attitude and being president. I think that one of the reasons he was such a good president is that President Reagan wanted to do what was best for the country, not what would make him more popular as a president. He lowered taxes, reduced the size of the government, and returned power from the federal government to the states. He hated Communism and even went so far as to calling out Mikhail Gorbachev, the leader of the Soviet Union, to tear down the Berlin Wall. The result of his working with Gorbachev was the end of the Cold War.

Bill Clinton was born into a poor family in Arkansas, but unlike Regan, was a good student. He also was a good musician. He plays the saxophone. Clinton was a very popular president, but unfortunately, he did not always do what was best for the country; he did what people wanted so that he could stay popular. Also, Clinton differed from Regan on his views on the economy. He raised taxes on both individuals and businesses. However, as his presidency went on, he realized that people did not like his liberal ideas as much and preferred more conservative ideas; so to stay popular he changed and became less liberal. Unfortunately, the thing that Clinton will always be remembered for is the “Monica Lewinsky Sex Scandal” in which he had sex with an unpaid intern while he was president. This really showed a lack of good moral judgment.

Excellent analysis! (note spelling: "Reagan", not "Regan")

3. I believe that the most important trend guiding American history is the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign countries and the closing of factories in this country. My concern is especially in the technology area, as my family has experienced this first hand. I am also concerned that we have closed so many of our factories and buy so many things from countries, like China. We purchase the goods made in China because since they pay their employees so little, the products are cheaper. People forget that these products are usually poorly made and fall apart quickly! I think that if the country continues this trend, we will continue to lose jobs and hurt our economy.

Terrific analysis, one of the very best answers in the entire class. I think you are exactly right, and may use this as a model answer.

4. Terrorism is the most important threat to the future of America. However, I think it is the most important threat to the world, not just America. “9/11” was the worst terrorist attack to happen in this country. The people responsible for this attack were extremist Muslims. Extremist Muslims want to bring down this country. I think that we really need to stay on top of the immigration of people from Muslim countries, we need to secure our borders, and we should keep Guantanamo Bay open. Guantanamo Bay is a military prison of the United States of America that is on the island of Cuba. This prison holds people that are believed to be terrorists indefinitely, without charge or trial. Many people are against holding these people because they believe it is unconstitutional to do so. Others support detaining these suspected terrorists because they might be a threat to our nation’s security. I fear that Obama will change many of our policies regarding terrorism which have been keeping us safe since “9/11”.

Superb insights.

5. I would say the 1980’s through the present is a time period when culture had a negative impact on America. Throughout this time period, I think that America has been in a decline because of the fact that many people have become complacent and self-centered. Many people care much more about money, power, and material things than even their own families! That is why we have so many corrupt politicians today compared to when the country was started. That is why we have such a high rate of teen pregnancy and drug use. In addition, many people today are ill informed and do not verify the information they hear on the television and read in the papers. The schools no longer teach the students to seek the truth and not to believe everything they hear on television or read in newspapers or magazines.

Excellent, could use this as a model answer. Terrific point about the importance of seeking the truth, and being taught to seek the truth.

6. Two of the greatest achievements of Ronal Regan were: ending the Cold War and “supply-side economics” (also known as “Reaganomics”). We already covered the Cold War in the last homework assignment so I will briefly discuss “supply-side economics”. Ronald Reagan adhered to the economic theory that included: reducing the growth of government spending, reducing marginal tax rates on income from labor and capital, reducing government regulation of the economy and controlling the money supply to reduce inflation. It became obvious towards the end of his presidency that this plan had worked and helped the American economy.

Excellent summary of the key points.

7. This map was drawn in 1550 and was drawn by Sebastian Munster, a German cartographer. This is the first map that displayed the New world as a separate land mass as well as showing “America” as one of the names for the region. I do not think anyone back in the 1500’s could have imagined what was going to happen to this country and how powerful it would become. So in short, I believe that we have exceeded the expectations of the cartographer and other people of his time.

Absolutely correct.

H1. While it is very hard to predict anything that will happen in the future, I do not believe that much will happen because, for the most part, 2 years is a small period of time to get a lot done. I also think that while Obama (and his Democratic Congress) would like to push a liberal agenda through, I think Obama, like Bill Clinton, will realize that many people in this country do not like those ideas. I believe the worst thing that might happen would be an attack on American soil done by the terrorists to test Obama to see how he handles the situation.

Superb point about 2 years not being much time for a new Administration to accomplish anything significant. Perhaps that is a good thing!

H4. The Patriot Act was passed in 2001 and signed by President George W. Bush on October 26, 46 days after the September 11th bombings. It is an anti-terrorism bill and was specifically written because of September 11, 2001 attacks. Its main purpose was to provide law enforcement with the tools it needs to battle the domestic war on terror.

Many people are against this bill because they believe that it violates civil liberties. They feel that the government is going to monitor everything they do. Supporters of this bill believe that it is ridiculous to think that the government is going to monitor everything everybody does. For example, Section 215 of this Act allows the FBI to obtain documents in the hands of a third party if those documents are relevant to a terror investigation. People against this bill believe that the government will “spy” on them because the government does not like the books they read or the government does not like an article they wrote. However, the FBI cannot do anything without the approval of a federal court. No court is going to approve a request because members of the FBI have a problem with the books someone reads or an article they wrote. Also people who are against the Patriot Act believe that the items contained in this bill are new, but I learned from my reading that the Patriot Act is actually a expansion of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (or FISA) that was passed by Jimmy Carter during his presidential term.

Lastly, in my personal opinion, I believe the government has no right to spy on a citizen unless there is a lot of proof suggesting that illegal activities are going on in his or her home.

Excellent answer! May use this as a model also. (one minor note: "FBI agents," not "members of the FBI).

H5. September 11, 2001 was the most horrific day in American history because 19 Muslim terrorists hijacked four airliners with intent to injure Americans and America. Two airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center, one crashed into the Pentagon, and the third was “taken back” by the passengers in an attempt to stop the hijackers. Unfortunately, the plane went down over Pennsylvania, killing all those on board, but preventing another crash into a building, perhaps the White House. Those people were heroes. This attack caused an immediate reaction by America to send troops into Afghanistan to look for a man named Osama Bin Laden, who masterminded the whole attack. We have not yet captured Bin Laden. This became known as the “War on Terror”. Since that time American troops have also entered Iraq to put an end to the terror cells in Iraq and in the process we have stopped the evil dictator of Iraq, named Saddam Hussein.

I believe that entering these countries was a smart thing to do so that we can avoid something like this from happening again as well as keeping other countries safe from terrorists. We are also trying to bring Democracy to these countries so that they can elect leaders that will not turn into dictators and will keep these terrorists groups under control.

Superb analysis, with much good detail.
This is one of the very best homework papers in the class by anyone all year. Perhaps the best. I may select two model answers from it. Congratulations on your superb finish to great work throughout the course! 100/100.--aschlafly 10:58, 21 December 2008 (EST)