American History Homework Thirteen Answers - Student Eight

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1.What is your favorite period of time in American history, and why?

The Roaring Twenties, 1920 to 1929, is my favorite period of time in American History. It depicts how America was starting to become associated with different types of fashion, behavior, and music. In the Roaring Twenties many new ideas started to boom and there was great economic growth. The 1920s was a wonderful time for America when it experienced the best of everyone.

Superb answer!

2.Contrast President Ronald Reagan with President Bill Clinton.

President Ronald Reagan had the kind of attitude and personality that everyone wanted. He did what he thought was best for America even though many people criticized him. He gave hope to everyone in the darkest of times and knew that with optimism you could accomplish anything. He is the perfect role model for all future presidents. President Bill Clinton was a very smart and good man, but he did have his downfalls. He did not set a good example for all Americans when he had a relationship with another woman outside of his marriage. I think America needed to have a democrat to be president before they elected a republican since George H.W. Bush was not very popular with the majority of American citizens.

Terrific analysis. Not everyone would agree that Bill Clinton was a "good man," however! But you explain your points very well.

3.What would you say is the most important trend or trends guiding American history?

The freedom of speech and religion are the most important trends guiding American History. Not many other countries have the freedom of religion and it proves how America respects that there are many different types of religions and that we should not make people convert to a different religion by force. The freedom of speech is immensely important; it gives every citizen the right to express their opinions and to not be ashamed or afraid of disagreeing with the actions or life of another person. These trends show that America is a place where everyone is treated equally and has the right to be themselves.

Fantastic answer. May use as a model!

4.What is the most important threat to the future of America? Cite history to support your view.

I think the communists are a great threat to the future of America. Both in the Korean and Vietnam Wars America stopped fighting and let the communists take control. Now both of those countries are still communist with the exception of South Korea. I think that if we enter into another war with a communist country we should not back out of it because, as we have seen in the past, they will never give up and the sooner we face them and defeat them the safer we will be. We have to stop communism from spreading and go to every extent to bring an end to the evil in this world.

Superb insight. Many feel that the threat of communism has passed, but as you correctly explain communism is still alive and menacing.

5.Do you see a connection between culture and success for a nation? Give an example from history (e.g., period of time) to support your view.

I think history of a nation and its success are affected by culture because the leaders will want to please the wishes of the people, which depend on what is considered cool or fun. Many of the presidents, as we have seen, want to gain popularity instead of doing what is right for America. The Roaring Twenties was a period of time when America experienced great power and wealth. Many of the citizens were happy with the economic boom and wanted to be a part of it. People had great ideas and were putting them to work. They were not afraid to try or create something new. The 1920s was when America showed its true self to the world.

Excellent analysis. You are exactly right how presidents want to "gain popularity," and thus tend to follow culture rather than lead it. Superb work.

6.Describe two of the greatest achievements of Ronald Reagan.

President Ronald Reagan proposed the greatest tax cuts in American history and fulfilled his promise. Reagan proposed the biggest tax and spending cuts in history. Ronald Reagan followed the "supply-side economics," a new theory developed by Arthur Laffer, which proposed the idea that by cutting taxes you could increase government revenue. Another great achievement of President Reagan was the SDI program which proposed that we would shoot missiles at the Soviet Union aircrafts which were thought to hold lethal bombs. President Ronald Reagan did many good things for America to help protect her for the future.

Fantastic again. You explain it very well, and your use of the pronoun "her" for America is excellent. This is model answer quality also!

7. Explain during which century you think this map was drawn, and comment how America's achievements may have met or exceeded the expectations of the cartographer or other people of his time.

This map of America was drawn in 1550 by Sebastian Munster. He was the first man to establish the practice of showing the four continents as separate maps. In this map, the New World is shown as a separate land mass for the first time and it is named America.

I didn't know that about the separate continents and Sebastian Munster! You're making it very difficult for me to choose which answers to put in the model answers!
Absolutely perfect homework, one of the very best in the entire class all year. 70/70. Congratulations!!!--aschlafly 17:55, 20 December 2008 (EST)
P.S. You obtained the first "double" this week in the model answers, as I included both #6 and #7. Congratulations!--aschlafly 18:06, 20 December 2008 (EST)