American History Homework Thirteen Answers - Student Fifteen

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American History

Homework Assignment 13

1. My favorite time in American history is World War II. I love the strategy in all battles. It was a war in which America really developed militarily.

Excellent, may include as a model.

2. Ronald Reagan was a conservative, was for low spending, and did what was right for the country. Bill Clinton was a Democrat, liar, and did what he wanted to do or what the people thought they needed.

Superb analysis.

3. I think the most important trend that is guiding America is its economy. It keeps going way up and way down.

Good insight, so true.

4. The most important threat to America today is Islam. When Solomon started marrying foreign wives, they changed his faith. This started the fall of Israel.

Well put, with a good example from history.

5. When the culture in a country is high, then the success of that country is high. When America had a great economy, then the success of the country went well. But when the depression hit, the success of America decreased.


6. Two of the greatest achievements of Ronald Reagan were the Star Wars program, which designed missiles that could shoot down other, bigger missiles, and passing the biggest tax bill in American history.

He's known for the biggest tax CUT in American history. Excellent otherwise.

7. I think this map was drawn during the 16th or 17th century. I do not think America has met the expectations of this map maker.

16th century, but don't you think we exceeded expectations? I wonder what more you think the cartographer expected. Gold, perhaps! A bit off on the timing with the 17th century and a bit thin on detail in your answer. (Minus 1).

H2 Why do black American’s vote for liberal candidates? Most of the black American population votes for liberal candidates because they are usually on the poorer side in America. Liberal candidates are more communistic and establish more programs to help the poor out. Unfortunately, the poorer people in America take way to much advantage of the government programs that are set up to help them.

Interesting insights, even if not politically correct. (note: "too much," not "to much")

H4. I am against the US government spying on its own citizens. If the government is using this spy technology to find a criminal or someone who would be considered “hot”, then I am okay with the program. But when the government starts listening in on every phone conversation to see if any of us might be a potential terrorists or something, than I believe that is wrong.

Right, and you explain your position well.

H1. I predict that within the first two years of the Obama administration, the United States economy will collapse and we will be headed into a full scale war.

Could be. You might cite some history to support your prediction. (Minus 1).
Superb finish: 98/100. Well done!!!--aschlafly 19:39, 20 December 2008 (EST)