American History Homework Thirteen Answers - Student Five

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NatalieD-All done!

1. I think I liked the post-revolution period. America made a lot of progress as a new, independent country. The Constitution was created, which is what our government today is based on.

Good choice!

2. Reagan and Clinton were completely opposite. Their politics were opposite, as well as their personalities. Reagan was strongly principled, both morally and politically. Reagan stood up to communism and helped get the Berlin wall torn down, risking his life. Clinton, however, had terrible foreign policy and dealt with terrorism very poorly.


3. I think one of the most important trends guiding American History is the desire to invent, discover, and learn. A lot of very useful and popular creations were invented in America. When America was a young country, people wanted to prove to that world that we could succeed and prosper as an independent country, and they did this by creating marvelous inventions, and doing things better. A lot of the technology we have today started in America, and people still come up with new inventions all the time! Also, a lot of very influential people in history were Americans, and we continue to play a leading part in history.

Terrific, may use as a model answer!

4. I think the most important threat is the decline in morals and in faith. In the last 60 or so years, there have been a lot of immoral decisions and laws made. Some examples are the legalization of pornography, the legalization of abortion, public prayer being banned from schools, and many other things. Also, outside of politics, people continue to grow more and more immoral. Clothing grows even more immodest, pre-marital sex and homosexuality is becoming more acceptable every day, and our media; movies, TV, and music (or what they call music) grows more and more inappropriate.

Superb, could be another model answer!

5. I think that ideas created by the people tend to work better. Things created by politicians, such as the New Deal, don’t tend to work very well. But something that started with the people, such as Jacksonian Democracy, works better. Jacksonian democracy was not created by Jackson, but by the people who had a desire for the common man to have a say. Manifest Destiny was also another example of this. It wasn’t a law, or an idea created by politicians saying we should expand, it was a feeling in the people that drove us to expansion.

Excellent again! You use good examples to support your argument.

6. I think two of Reagan’s greatest achievements were his Strategic Defense Initiative, and his tax cuts. His tax cuts led to an economic boom, and his SDI helped immensely against the Soviet Union and communism.

You picked the two top ones! Well done.

7. This was probably done sometime in the 1500s. The cartographer seems to think the Die Nuw Welt is all wilderness, and uncivilized. In what would be South America, there is even a picture of a cannibal. The shapes are slightly off. At this time, while Europe was cultured and civilized, the New World is seen as a savage, uncivilized land. However, America is now a hard-working, civilized, and powerful nation, surpassing Europe in wealth and especially in inventions.

Exactly right.

H1. I think that in the first few years, Obama will try to fix our economy by creating something like FDR’s New Deal, which will fail as much as the New Deal did, and completely crash our economy. I think he will also try “end” the war in the east, because that is what a lot of people want. However, he will pull out of the war without suppressing the terrorists, and then the terrorists will began attacking our borders and we may end up in a full scale war.

Prophetic, I think. This may be your best answer of all, and I think I will use this as a model answer.

H2. Debate: Should President Ford have pardoned former President Nixon? Why not? it is perfectly legal for a president to pardon people, and as they often pardon common criminals, why not a former president as well? This helped prevent the office of the president from being scandalized, which would have taken away a lot of its influence. I think President Ford make a good decision by pardoning Nixon.

Good analysis.

H4. In my opinion, the government spying on its own citizens is ok. As long as they have a really good reason, like some terrorist thing, or someone going to blow up something, or kill someone, or corruption, and hard evidence, that its their job to try to find out as much as they can about these threats and to stop them from happening.

Excellent points.
Terrific final homework, one of the best in the class by any student all year. Your answers are always crisp and right-to-the-point. You could become a superb attorney if you wanted to. Perfect score: 100/100. Congratulations!--aschlafly 09:55, 20 December 2008 (EST)