American History Homework Thirteen Answers - Student Four

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JessieH --> DONE<--- (I'm sorry my answers are in late :)

No problem.

1. What is your favorite period of time in American history, and why?

I liked the civil war time period. I liked it for several reasons, one of which is simply because so many great stories and books came out of it. I really love the stories of African slaves running for freedom. And there were so many great battles, like Gettysburg, and there were so many great war heroes, like general Lee. All in all, I really like this period in history.

Excellent. Many agree with you. (Capitalize more of the proper names, like "Civil War" and "General" in "general Lee"; ditto below when referring to political parties, and "African" and "American.)

2. Contrast President Ronald Reagan with President Bill Clinton.

Well, one was a democrat, one was a republican, one was popular, the other never got a majority of the vote. I could go on, and on but most of the time, if you try to contrast two different people from two different parties, the answers will almost always be the same.

Terrific observation about how the views of the parties are the best guide.

3. What would you say is the most important trend or trends guiding American history?

If by trend you mean something popular throughout the American citizens, then I think that smoking had a part to play in where we are now. Think about it; Children halfway across the world, who's names we don't even know. are being forced to roll cigarettes. The cigarettes are shipped here, people buy so many of them that it could hurt the economy, people get lung cancer, heart problems, blood clots, and people die because of little 4 inch long sticks. I definitely think that smoking was an important trend leading up to where we are now.

Superb insight, may use as a model!

4. What is the most important threat to the future of America? Cite history to support your view.

Truthfully, I think the greatest threat to the future of America is the atomic bomb. We dropped one once, we can drop one again, and because we did it, other countries may as well. My fear is that when we get more into the end times, there will be the world war three. And in this WW3, we will use not guns, nor cannons, but atomic bombs, and there will be so many dropped that we will lose count, and so much damage done to the planet. I actually think this may be a possible way that God will destroy the earth.

Could be, let's hope not! Good answer.

5. Do you see a connection between culture and success for a nation? Give an example from history (e.g., period of time) to support your view.

Well, take right now for an example, and contrast now with the civil war. The culture back then was to enslave Africans, and at that time the nation split into to parts. I wouldn't call that successful. And now, we have come so far from the cicil war, that we are willing to elect an African our president, and our nation in prospering.

6. Describe two of the greatest achievements of Ronald Reagan.

One would be his proposal of the largest taxes, and spending in American history, and one another I think would be how he didn't crumble, or give up during the unemployment when people were blaming him. He could have said "This is ridiculous, I'm out of here." But he didn't, and I admire that.

Did you mean "largest tax CUTS"? That's what he's known for. Superb point about his perseverance.

7. Explain during which century you think this map was drawn, and comment how America's achievements may have met or exceeded the expectations of the cartographer or other people of his time.

Well, I can't tell exactly when this was drawn, but I'd guess somewhere around the time of Lewis and clark. And I think our expectations way exceeded this map, because America is so much larger than what is drawn here.

Right about exceeding expectations, but wrong about its approximate date. Lewis and Clark was around 1804. This was draw in the 1500s. (Minus 1).
Terrific final homework! 69/70. Congratulations on a superb effort throughout the course, and I appreciated your nomination of Lewis and Clark as the most influential people in American history!--aschlafly 09:44, 20 December 2008 (EST)