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Duncan B. American History Homework Thirteen

1. I think the Reagan administration is my favorite period of American history. The economy was mostly unregulated and a huge era of prosperity arose, the nation took a strong stand against Communism internal and external, the military was well handled and not constrained by lack of funds as during the previous administrations, and Reagan cut taxes tremendously. Plus, there is some interesting military history at this time.

Terrific answer, may use as a model.

2. President Ronald Reagan always did what he thought was best for America, regardless of whether he was popular for doing it. By contrast, Clinton moved his policies with what the public wanted, rather than sticking to whatever he believed.

Right. Superb again.

3. One of the most important trends guiding American history is the economy. Because the economy affects every American, it is a key element in every aspect of American life. During the Great Depression, even those who were not ruined by the stock market crash (like the California farmers) suffered.

Excellent insight about the economy and its impact.

4. The most important threat to the future of American is the failure to recognize enemies as enemies and support of terrorists and Communists by Americans. In recent years, the military has been villainized and the terrorists played down.

Good summary of the threats to our nation!

5. During the Vietnam War, one of the reasons we did not win was because the activist hippie culture was opposed to it. Through protests, they turned the American people against the war. Culture is very important to the success or failure of a nation.

Absolutely right. Well put, with a good example of it.

6. Two of Ronald Reagan’s greatest accomplishments were the lowering of taxes (based partially on the views of economist Arthur Laffer, who theorized that as taxes rose, the government actually lost money because people lost reason to work) and the PATCO strike, which, like Calvin Coolidge before him, he dealt with by “zero tolerance.”

Superb, as those are the two main accomplishments of Reagan in his first year, and set the tone for the next seven years.

7. This map was probably drawn in the 16th century by a German cartographer. He had no idea of the immense size of Canada, and believed that Cipango (Japan) was very close to the California coast, as was Cathay (China). He believed in a Northwest Passage, a huge southern continent (Terra Australis), and the Pompey-sized world. Back then, America was thought of as just a wilderness where you could find gold and glory; they never anticipated that it would be the greatest nation in the world.

Excellent insight about the mythical Northwest Passage. How did you know the cartographer was German? I guess the terms give that away! May use your insights here in the model answers.

H2. In recent years, many, especially liberals, have criticized the terrorist containment facility at Guantanamo Bay as a place where prisoners are tortured and mistreated. Although there are probably no such things going on there, (one commentator remarked dryly that it is torture if they overcook the dinner), we need to hold these terrorists there—as one person called them, “the most efficient and ruthless killers on the face of the earth.”

Excellent points.

H3. The central problems with “free trade” are that it fails to recognize that other nations do not have the same standards for trade that America does and it assumes that the other nations always have good intentions. For example, on one occasion, NAFTA ordered the U.S. to admit Mexican trucks which do not meet U.S. environmental standard. Nearly every single decision of the WTO has been against the United States.

Superb, again model answer material.

H5. We should not have given the Panama Canal back to Panama. Not only did it not give us control of the key canal, it opened the path for less scrupulous nations to seize it. America built it and protected it—we had a right to keep it.

Right, and very well put.
Possibly the best homework paper in the class all year from anyone. Concise and right on target. You make it tough to pick one or two model answers from the group! 100/100. Congratulations your very high level of work all year.--aschlafly 19:22, 20 December 2008 (EST)