American History Homework Thirteen Answers - Student Nineteen

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Steven M. :)

1. My favorite period is the "Era of Good Feelings" during the Monroe Administration. America was young and growing fast, most of the conflicts with the British were behind her, and her economy continued to expand.

Other times similar to this contained more problems. The Gilded Age was corrupted, and ecumbered by capitalism. An exciting time, no doubt: free trade flourished. But monopolies and low wages kept many trapped in poverty. The roaring Twenties, also an exciting, good-feeling era, had its own share of problems. Organixed crime skyrocketed with the initiation of Prohibition. Much of the less-holy cultural trends of today can be traced back to this period. A standard of indecency and immodesty became mainstream for fashion, music, and dancing. Modern times began, for the most part, here in the 20's. The 50's, bosting the advent of rock n' roll, also hosted technological innovation and an ecomomic boom, like the 1820s.

The difference between these times of good feelings and the original "Era of Good Feelings," is that people where more conservative during the Monroe Administration. I love the early days of America when people read the Bible, grandpa remembered the Great Awakening, everyone knew what was right and wrong, none of this "what you want to believe is fine, tolerate other faiths, truth is relative" talk. Purer, more innocent, far from perfect, but this period of history seems the best to me.

Superb analysis, may use as a model answer.

2. President Reagan equals improvement. The economy improved, the Cold War warmed up, the public warmed up to him, Reagan himself improved and became more conservative.

Clinton did not seem to improve anything. Being caught in a sex scandle is not improvement. Although, the Violence Agains Women Act did improve the income of lawyers. After 1994 he changed his ways to win reelection. Reagan rarely changed his mind: "Stay the Course." Clinton signed the Brady Bill, but later wished he hadn't.

That's the main difference. Not necessarily improvement, but regreting what had been done. Reagan regreted some actions. I wonder how many actions Clinton regrets.

It takes a conscience to have regret! Ha ha ha, I doubt Clinton regrets anything except in a self-serving way. That's my view.

3. The judicial activism in the Supreme Court has been affecting our society for too long. This trend is certainly the most damaging, if not one of the most important, trends harming America. Until Supreme Court Justices become accountable for their decisions, our freedom will continue to be limited.

Superb analysis again!

4. Islam has a rich history of conquest. They hate America, the "Great Satan," and even liberal Muslims dislike our methods

Excellent answer.



Spelling could improve, but your substance is excellent. Just need more of it! 40 points. Let's finish strong with the final exam!--aschlafly 22:50, 20 December 2008 (EST)