American History Homework Thirteen Answers - Student Six

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American History Homework Thirteen 12/16/08 Olivia F.

1. My two favorite time periods in American history are the 1700s because it was an exciting time, our country was born, and the Roaring Twenties because it was then that our country truly began to show its inventive spirit.

Superb picks!

2. President Reagan governed the country based on conservative principles while President Clinton governed using a liberal agenda. Clinton raised the taxes, but Reagan lowered the taxes. Finally, Reagan encouraged morality while Clinton had a sexual affair with an intern.

Good contrast, with good examples to support your answer.

3. The most important trend right now would have to be the increase of conservatives in America.

Well put.

4. The most important threat to the future of America would have to be the increase in the Islamic culture because, just like in biblical times and during the 1990s, when the two cultures collide, disasters occur.

Excellent, and you might also note "9/11", which actually did not occur in the 1990s but in 2001. I agree that this will grow as an issue in the future.

5. Yes, I do see a connection between culture and success for a nation. The Roaring Twenties was a great example of this, when the culture was vibrant and exciting, success automatically follows.

Terrific answer. Could use as a model!

6. Two of the greatest achievements of Ronald Reagan were: his ingenious idea of cutting taxes to increase government revenues and his defense system "Strategic Defense Initiative". However, we cannot forget that at his command, the Berlin Wall was torn down.

Superb again!

7. This map was drawn after c. 1515 because we know that the landmass in the center of the page is North and South America, therefore, this was drawn after Columbus had returned from his third voyage. We absolutely exceeded the expectations of the cartographer- "North America" is made up of half of America and half of Canada, and South America is almost twice as big in real life as it is in the map.

Excellent analysis! Will include this as a model!

H2. Should President Ford have pardoned former President Nixon? There are two sides to this question- 1) Did Ford have the right to do that? and 2) Was Ford doing it for the right reasons? Well we can answer the first question easily, yes Ford had the right to pardon Nixon; however, the second question is harder to answer. Honestly, we will probably never know whether Ford pardoned Nixon for the right reasons, because we will never know what was going through Ford's head at the time.

Terrific again!

H4. I believe that it is alright for the government to spy on its own citizens as long as it is not denying us our rights. We need to have security in public places (e.g.- to catch criminals and to see who caused a car crash). However, if the government is going inside our homes without our consent, then something needs to be changed.

Good points.

H5. Does the United States need a president? Most definitely!!! This country needs a leader make decisions for us, and even if they are corrupt, there are still checks and balances to limit their power.

One of the best papers in the class! Your answers are crisp, concise, insightful and correct. A perfect finish to terrific homework the entire class. 100/100. Congratulations!!!--aschlafly 17:21, 20 December 2008 (EST)