American History Homework Thirteen Answers - Student Sixteen

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1. What is your favorite period of time in American history, and why?

The Gilded Age is one of my favorite times in American history. America was picking herself up from the Civil War and putting herself back together. Many new and useful inventions were being made and life was becoming easier through them. This would have been a peaceful, interesting time to live in.

Superb, may use as a model answer.

2. Contrast President Ronald Reagan with President Bill Clinton.

President Reagan was one of the most popular presidents in American history. Bill Clinton failed to attain 50% support by voters.

Good, but I doubt that popularity is all that meaningful. Sometimes Jesus was popular, and sometimes he wasn't. He didn't change. But you do illustrate a difference between Reagan and Clinton.

3. What is the most important threat to the future of America? Cite history to support your view.

The biggest threat to the future of America is not what liberals are going to do, but what conservatives are not going to do. In the next four years conservatives are going to be persecuted. If we stand up and protest regardless of what people do to us, we can change the future of America for the better. The biggest example of this in American history is Ronald Reagan himself. He constantly stood up for what he believed in, regardless of what everyone else said.

Terrific, could be a model answer!

4. Do you see a connection between culture and success for a nation? Give an example from history (e.g., period of time) to support your view.

Our society at this very moment is a perfect example of how the success of our nation is dependent upon the culture. As sad as it is, the American culture revolves around materialism. When a culture is so focused on “things”, debt is inevitable. Now America is in the deepest amount of debt she has ever been in; and it is because of our culture.

Excellent insight. Could also use this as a model answer. (note: "dependent", not "dependant").

5. Describe two of the greatest achievements of Ronald Reagan.

The Strategic Defense Initiative was definitely one of Reagan’s greatest achievements. It was one of the most powerful and original plans proposed by a president in American history. Reagan also played a key role in ending communism in eastern Europe and Russia. These are just two of the many great things that Ronald Reagan achieved while he was president of the United States.


6. H4. What is your view of the government spying on its own citizens, such as authorized by the Patriot Act?

I believe that it is a good thing. There are times when spying on suspicious citizens is needed.

Good substitution of questions! Nice answer, also.

7. Explain during which century you think this map was drawn, and comment how America's achievements may have met or exceeded the expectations of the cartographer or other people of his time.

This was probably drawn in the mid 1500s. The Americas were discovered but the exact geography had not yet been calculated.

Correct. Well done.
Terrific answers! Perfect, in fact. 70/70! Congratulations!--aschlafly 21:16, 20 December 2008 (EST)