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1. For many reasons, between the years 1920 and about 1950 fascinate me. The culture and the ways of thinking are interestingly different, almost as if all the events took place in a different country. Battles within and without, whether for money (or lack thereof) or for human life and freedom were handled in a way that probably wouldn't happen today. Things that happened then could very well repeat themselves in the future, more realistically for monetary reasons then anything else, and because something like the Great Depression happened we already know what will work and what won't if we should ever face such a crisis as that again.

Excellent point about knowing what will work and what won't, which is a reason why I'm convinced the nation is becoming more conservative. Superb answer overall!

2. For starters, both presidents were once Democrats, but only Reagan later became a Republican. Reagan is the only president to ever to have had a divorce, but his wife never played (or tried to play) a major part in his presidency, unlike Bill Clinton. Reagan didn't have a scandal to cover up, and even if he did, I don't think he would have covered it up as Clinton tried to do.

Great insight about both having started out as Democrats, but only one (Reagan) moving away from the positions based on principles. Terrific answer.

3. I think money and the want for "the good life" is the main thing that America's building itself on, not only now but in the past as well. Greediness, Jealousy, and Acting as if I'm the Only One in the World That Needs to Be Taken Care Of is not a Biblical approach to life, but unfortunately I'm nearly surprised when I see someone who doesn't follow these rules. Everyone thinks about money. The poor who actually need it and actually need to concentrate on getting more simply to support their families, and the rich who never seem to have enough. No matter the year, there will always be someone following the "rules" and "guidelines" of America.

Superb insights about flaws in American culture.

4. The greatest threat to America in realistic terms would be something so simple as "following the crowd." Eventually, only one will run this crowd, and of course, the crowd will follow. If the person who's in control isn't controlling with a Biblical perspective, then Christians will be persecuted if they don't agree or follow.

America's becoming so self-centered that in the future it's possible that we will no longer care about what's happening to people outside of our "great" nation, or even for those inside who are deemed to be an "outsider." If that should happen, it wouldn't be all too hard to overtake us, and America will be no more. No offense to our future president, but it would appear that he has little or no military experience, so something like America being taken over is possible. We have made so many enemies over the years, and I doubt that all those who we call friend are deep and true friends, more like those who are friends for the time being because it's convenient. If America's as prosperous as we all brag, then it will take the truest friends to not jump on the chance to have a part in bringing us down and taking our property and things of economic value.

Good recognition of what could happen to America. With prayer and constant activism, let's not allow America to decline as you fear.

5. The way I see it, there's no possible way for a country to stay exactly the same for decades upon decades. Different leaders are brought in and out of office and unless Americans want a dictatorship our country is going to change. After the first World Ward ended, America entered a decade of prosperity, happiness, and success. . .

. . . only to be ended with something so devastating as the Great Depression. "Pride goes before fall" is a very true statement, so no matter how successful times may seem only misfortune can be the realistic outcome.

Good, but I'm not sure this answers the specific question asked (which was about culture.)

6. Simply becoming President of the United States, and then being reelected for a second term is absolutely incredible since it would appear that he wasn't exactly the most successful person in the world. Serving America as he served would count for one of his greatest accomplishments, but closely followed by his speech at the Berlin Wall. Even though he was constantly told that he couldn't use a certain statement in his speech, he defied those who told him off, setting an example of almost prophetic proportions. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall! The wall would fall two years later, but Reagan's words remained.

Fantastic answer.

7. At least the late 1400s, but no more than about 1550. America is still depicted to be very close to India, and a bit smaller then what it is in real life. America has met and surpassed many expectations, possibly a few of the cartographer too. But even though we are still "land of the free," it's getting harder and harder to be respected as a Christian even though Christianity and the want to follow Christ freely is what brought people to America in the first place.

Terrific answer, will use as a model!

H1) No one can predict the future, no matter how many sources, prophecies, or logic equations they use. Only fallible speculations can be made, but if one sets one's mind on searching for the things one predicted, one will only be confused and disappointed. So I can only loosely speculate at the events that will take place based on what Obama has or has not said, the things he does or does not believe in, the things he has or has not done. But everyone lies. For all the American population knows, Obama is an undercover agent for a branch of the Mafia, or maybe he's a peanut-butter and jelly specialist who's trying to force the stuff down our future children's throats no matter how unhealthy it is.

But in all seriousness, if Obama, his Cabinet, and the government isn't lying a number of things that are potentially detrimental to the American populace can take place. If a full-scale war were to break out, I don't know how Obama would handle it since it would appear he's had no military experience. If Obama's serious about his idea of a trillion dollar plan to bring the economy back into balance, it will take a miracle of God to keep our country from slipping into a depression; more and more people will be forced to declare bankruptcy as the country's debt surpasses all that should be possible or allowed. Millions of children in addition to the ones that are killed now will be killed before they even get the chance to breathe the air their mothers breathe. If Obama really does plan on making colleges free or dramatically cheaper, then taxes will have to be raised in order to support these schools, or simply allow the country to slip into a depression.

If Obama is Islamic, which actually believes a number of the same people Christians believe in, then it will be impossible to truly see if he is unless he confesses live on the news, or in a video that couldn't have been easily edited. Islam believes in Jesus, just not as their Savior, simply as a prophet, and a number of other Old Testament people. They believe in God, but probably not the God we believe in since they don't believe Jesus to be their Savior, so one can't say if Obama's talking about the Islam god or the Christian God in his statement of faith.

Needless to say, if Obama follows everything he's spoken about before the election, America might be facing a grim few years.

Very thorough answer. Terrific insights, particularly about how little voters actually know.

H4) Spying on people is an invasion of privacy, so my first instinct would be to say that it's wrong at all times it's used. But the people that are spied on really sometimes do deserve it. One can't take freedom for granted, running around and doing whatever one wants. If a person should do something like that, then I say it's fine for them to be spied on. They live in this country, so they really should be obeying the rules that have been here before they ever arrived.


H5) What's becoming more and more apparent as the years go by is the slight prejudice against Christians. Although those belonging to other religions claim that there isn't, then why is it that no one is allowed to make fun of another country or religion in America except Christianity? What is it that make us the butt of so many jokes? Maybe it's because we believe in one God instead of many? Or maybe it's because those of other religions make all Christians out to be the stereotypical Christian, and in your face, Bible-pounding, REPENT, THE END IS NEAR! kind of Christian. America was founded on Christianity, with many Christian leaders. What's happened to us within the past few decades that we have allowed ourselves to act in such a way that instead of leading others to Christ, we repulse them?

Superb final answer! But don't lose heart: the animosity and mockery of Jesus was even more than today.
Terrific homework answers, one of the best in the class! 100/100. Congratulations on your superb finish!--aschlafly 09:33, 20 December 2008 (EST)