American History Homework Three Answers - Student 21

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Ruth L. 10/2/2008 American History Andrew Schlafly

1. Weaknesses 1: a unanimous vote was needed to amend the Articles of Confederation. There is no way that all 13 states would ever agree on anything. They did not even agree about going to war! The only way things get done in a government is through compromises. Weaknesses 2: the federal government could not impose taxes. While the right to impose taxes is often abused, it is still important that the government have some kind of funding.

Superb. Will use as a model answer.

2. Article 1 establishes the Legislative branch of the government. Article 2 establishes the Executive branch of the government. Article 3 establishes the Judicial branch of the government.


3. What I like most about George Washington is that he put his country ahead of his own wants and needs. Even though his health was failing throughout most of the Revolutionary War and his entire presidency, he still continued to serve his country.

Good analysis, though I wonder if his health was really failing. I thought he was healthy even after being president, and that his death was due to malpractice by his treating physicians.

4. The greatest invention of the 1990s was the cotton gin. This hand-cranked machine, invented by Eli Whitney, revolutionized the cotton industry by increasing production by up to 5,000 percent. The revenue from this increased production gave the South enormous economic power, and soon, most of the world was depending on the South for cotton.


5. This cartoon is representing the common concern that Massachusetts would not ratify the Constitution. The picture shows a strong structure with each pillar represented by a state. However, the Massachusetts pillar is breaking away (not ratifying the Constitution) and is causing the whole structure to be weak.

Very close, but I don't think that is quite right. God's hand seems to be putting Massachusetts in place (by ratifying the Constitution). See model answers (Minus 1).

6. 1. The Northwest Ordinance provided an orderly way for many new states to arise. 2. The Northwest Ordinance gave the people the right to a trial by jury.


7. The most significant thing about John Adams presidency was that it caused Americans to realize that the President is not perfect. Americans were used to being led by George Washington, one of the greatest leaders in American history. Then came John Adams who did very little to benefit America. After his presidency, Americans realized that not all famous men are good leaders, and that they must be very careful who they vote into office.

Terrific answers. Score: 69/70.--Aschlafly 12:57, 4 October 2008 (EDT)