American History Homework Three Answers - Student Eight

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1. Identify two weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation did not create a very strong national government because they did not possess much power. Another weakness was that the Congress could pass laws, but they could not force the states to obey them.


2. Identify the first three Articles of the Constitution, and what each Article establishes. 1) The Legislative Branch establishes the laws and rules of the country through the Congress. 2) The Executive Branch establishes the power of the president and the executive officials. 3) The Judicial Branch establishes the court system and the Supreme Court and lower courts.

Correct, with good detail. Will use as the model answer.

3. Explain what you like most about George Washington. George Washington was a very humble and holy man. He was greatly respected and feared by his people as shown in the Wiskey Rebellion. He even consented to join in changing the Articles of Confederation even though he may have wanted to do other things with his time. He always put his citizens before him.


4. Describe the most important invention of the 1790s, and its political impact. The most important invention in the 1790s was the Cotton Gin invented by Eli Witney. By separating small particles from the cotton it helped increase the cotton production in the South. The South soon became economically powerful because the world depended on them for cotton production.


5. Explain the political view expressed by this week's cartoon, and which side of what issue the cartoonist likely represents. This cartoon was published in the Massachusetts Centinel newspaper in 1788. In the cartoon, the pillars represent Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, and Connecticut which ratified the Constitution. People believe that God’s hand is lifting Massachusetts column into place with the other states. The states are shown in order when they ratified the Constitution. The cartoonist most likely agrees to let all the states, both big and small, have the same power as declared in the Constitution.


6. Describe two significant achievements of The Northwest Ordinance. The Northwest Ordinance was the first law to protect territories from the government, which sometimes took private property without paying for it. The new states were perfect for poor families who wanted to make a living through farming. Many immigrants came to the United Sates because the new states were very inexpensive and they would have freedom for religion and public education unlike their home country. Additionally, the new law brought peace and organization to the new states.

Good, a bit more specificity is needed, however. (Minus 1).

7. Describe what you think was most significant about John Adams' presidency. In John Adams’ presidency he made it a crime to criticize the president. John was a descendant of the Puritans so it was normal for him to deal with people who challenged the authority, especially the president. Since Adams was the leader of the Federalist Party he wanted to hurt and weaken the reputation of the other party, the Democratic-Republican Party. Adams was very prejudice towards immigrants and those who disagreed with him. Adams was not a good president for the United States.

Good insights.
Well done! Grade: 69/70.--Aschlafly 08:56, 3 October 2008 (EDT)