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American History Homework 12

James G

1. The Cold war was not an open war but instead a mere show of force. The two main powers in this “Cold war” were the USA and the Soviet Union. The war was simply one of the two sides trying to flex their military power in hope of intimidating the other side only to have the other side flex theirs. It soon became an out of control game of were both would make destructive weapons point them at each other and not firing for fear of the other sides counter attack.

Correct, but need to answer the part of the question about the time period. Otherwise excellent. (Minus 1).

2. America took place in two wars between 1945 and 1980. In the Korean War we were seen as the defenders of liberty. In the Vietnam War we were rushed into a conflict which we weren’t prepared for and our president at the time (Lyndon Johnson) didn’t even strive to win.


3. The effect upon our nation by Martin Luther King, Jr was truly an act of God upon America. He brought great change to our country peacefully through words not violence.


4. One of the things President Lyndon Johnson is known best for is his single handed push of the USA into the Vietnam War just to get people to like him. For the sake of popularity 58,000 American soldiers were sacrificed upon the alter of a political campaign by him.


5. The 80th Congress was very successful in limiting the power of unions which were at the time running a muck through our economy.

Good expressive praise!

6. The group led by Phyllis Schlafly to stop the ERA was invaluable in stopping one of the greatest tragedies that would have befallen our country. Men and women are different. The ERA was an attempt to tear down the God blessed differences between men and women. This would result in terrible consequences for our country. You cannot treat men and women the exact same because they aren’t the same. This can be compared to a farmer calling apples oranges and oranges apples just because the both come from trees, it simply can’t be done. The ERA wasn’t an assault upon segregation, it was a full out strike upon the two identities of God’s pinnacle of creation, man and woman.

Terrific analysis. I fixed your missing "not". May use as a model.

7. The Warren Court was the court that ruled the political scene with an iron fist from 1953 to 1969. The Warren Court is most famous for holding in favor of criminals and giving them major advantages such as requiring a state to provide and pay (with our taxes) for a defense attorney.

Superb work. 69/70. Well done!--aschlafly 23:18, 13 December 2008 (EST)