American History Homework Twelve Answers - Student 22

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1.Who were the main protagonists in the "Cold War", and what was the period of this "war"? The Soviet Union and the United States of America and it lasted from 1945-1991.


2.Identify the two wars that caused over 50,000 American deaths which occurred between 1945 and 1980, and briefly state your view of the American role in those wars. Do you agree with our acceptance of the outcomes? The Vietnam War and the Korean War. I do think that our interference in these wars was acceptable because we were protecting the underdogs and fighting against communism and that we waited to be provoked for the most part. I enjoyed the military techniques in these wars. The outcomes were not favorable, but there really was no favorable outcome.


3.Pick an aspect of the Civil Rights Movement that impressed you most, and explain why.I think that Rosa Parks by simply sitting in the front of the bus, quietly defying segregation laws and causing uproar, protest and ultimately ending segregation on buses is my favorite part of the Civil Right movement. Although this part of the Civil Rights movement is very well-known, it is still a favorite of mine.

Superb, and many of your classmates picked that also!

4.Your view of the ERA, please. The ERA could’ve been perhaps the worst blunder of our federal government and country. Although it may sound nice and simple, it could way too easily get out of hand. Soon women will be drafted and divorce rates will most likely get even higher because the house will not have a ‘head’ any more, the power will have to be equally shared. The ERA goes directly against the Bible without it seeming that way. If women can marry men, then so can men, and vice versa. This amendment indirectly adds the gay marriage amendment to the Constitution without it having to be ratified, along with many, many other horrible clauses.

Good substitution on questions, as I suggested in class! Well done in following instructions. Excellent substance in your answer too.

5.What do you like best about the 80th Congress? Explain. Cutting taxes was probably the best part of the 80th Congress because it gave the people and the economy the breathing room that it needs today.

Superb, will use as a model answer.

6.Who do you think was the most important person between 1945 and 1980 in American history, and why? Even though there are way too many to name, in direct relation to the Bible and the principles we have as conservatives and Christians, I think that Phyllis Schlafly and the women from the STOP ERA probably played the most important role during this time period. As stated before, only God knows what kind of chaos could’ve happened during that time without divine intervention.

Excellent, and thanks! I'll send this to my mom.

7."Over time, conservative principles and values tend to gain broader acceptance by the American people." Do you agree with respect to 1945 through 1980, or 1980 through today (take your pick)? Explain. I think that the quote can be used even more accurately for 1980 to the present because back then, most people had conservative values but really didn’t have a fire for it. Now the conservatives are picking up power and opposition which is a main part of being great-standing in the face of opposition. Oh, and we have homeschooling :).

Terrific answer, and I think I'll use this as the model instead of the earlier one. Well done!
Perfect score! 70/70. Congratulations!