American History Homework Twelve Answers - Student 30

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1. Who were the main protagonists in the "Cold War", and what was the period of this "war"? America and Russia, and the war went from 1945 to 1991…I like this war in particular because it was the main motion towards spy movies, and spy gadgets.

Correct, may use as a model.

2. Identify the two wars that caused over 50,000 American deaths which occurred between 1945 and 1980, and briefly state your view of the American role in those wars. Do you agree with our acceptance of the outcomes? The Vietnam War and the Korean War. In the Korean War, America was trying to stop the spread of the Chinese Communists into Korea.

Good, but please comment on the outcomes as requested by the question. (Minus 1).

3. Pick an aspect of the Civil Rights Movement that impressed you most, and explain why. I was very impressed with the “sit-ins,” and how cunning that idea was when I really thought about it.

You're right, it is clever. Excellent answer, and may use this as a model.

4. President Lyndon Johnson is known best for two things. Pick one and explain why, providing a specific example to support your answer. He is known for starting The Vietnam War. He started this war out of his own self-centered plan to become President. He did this by creating a conflict of sorts in Vietnam to enhance the support from the public.


H3. Your view of the ERA, please. I believe that the ERA was a terrible idea because not only did it have bad motives, it purposely had a misguiding name, and amendments aren’t even supposed to have names. ERA is evil to me for the reason that it gives people the right to kill babies, and quite frankly, that’s not fair to them. They have the God given right to live.

Good substitution of questions in following instructions! Superb analysis.

6. Who do you think was the most important person between 1945 and 1980 in American history, and why? Ronald Reagan because he introduced the “Star Wars” plan to intercept any missiles. The Soviets tried to strike a deal with Reagan, but he declined the offer because he knew that the U.S. having the technology for this actually scared the Soviets.

Good answer, but outside of the time period. Oh no! (Minus 1).

H5. General MacArthur's Inchon Landing: unconventional but logical thinking by a homeschooler that you've seen before? Discuss in any way you like. I believe I’ve seen this scenario from Thomas Edison because he knew that burning gas lamps was the conventional way of bringing light to a place. He also knew that there was another way to do just that, but he actually had to work to get it. He did finally get his light bulb to work with a carbon filament (we now use tungsten because it’s stronger).

Excellent use of history.
Superb insights, including a model answer. Well done! 68/70.--aschlafly 23:30, 13 December 2008 (EST)