American History Homework Twelve Answers - Student Eight

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1. Who were the main protagonists in the "Cold War", and what was the period of this "war"? The Soviet Union, U.S.S.R., and the United States of America were the main protagonists in the Cold War. There was no fighting in the “war” so that is why it was called a cold war; there was no heat. In the Cold War, the USA and the Soviet Union created and collected bombs and other ammunition, which they pointed at the enemy’s cities. It was basically a competition in seeing who was the most strongest and powerful country in the world. The Cold War lasted from 1945 to 1991; Americans wanted to stop communism from spreading to the neighboring countries.

Fantastic answer. May use it as a model answer!

2. Identify the two wars that caused over 50,000 American deaths which occurred between 1945 and 1980, and briefly state your view of the American role in those wars. Do you agree with our acceptance of the outcomes? Both the Vietnam and the Korean Wars occurred in Eastern Asia and caused over 50,000 American causalities. America was right to help South Korea protect itself against the communist North Korea. America, one of the strongest countries at that time, had to help other weaker countries fight against the evil of mankind. General MacArthur was superb in his fighting tactics. He helped the American army capture and control Seoul, and trap the communist army. President Truman made a major mistake, out of jealousy, which cost the US army success that they could have gained under MacArthur’s rule. President Truman fired General Douglas MacArthur which resulted in a great outcry. In the end, America was right to make a peace treaty with North Korea because they were not doing any better than they were under MacArthur’s command. I think that the Vietnam War was a big mistake. Many were killed for no cause. We left in the middle of the war and many of the Vietnamese wanted to come back with the American soldiers to get away from the evils of communism. I think the Americans should have fought to the end and should not have quit in the middle and let all the innocent Vietnamese live under communist control. If you start something you should finish it.

Terrific answer, which also deserves to be a model answer! I'll have to pick your best answer, and you're making my choice difficult!

3. Pick an aspect of the Civil Rights Movement that impressed you most, and explain why. I admired Rosa Parks for talking a step in the Civil Rights Movement by going against the bus regulation for black people. She showed great courage to stand up for the rights of African Americans when there was much prejudice. Especially since she was a woman it must have taken all her strength to boycott against the bus organization. She must have inspired many people to stand up for their beliefs.

Superb. Rosa Parks did inspire many others, just as you say.

4. President Lyndon Johnson is known best for two things. Pick one and explain why, providing a specific example to support your answer. President Lyndon Johnson is well known for the “Great Society”, which was an effort to “end poverty”. He gave 1 billion dollars to help the poor and provided free medical care for everyone over 65 and for the poor. Johnson did many other acts for the poor, but the result was unsatisfactory because many people took advantage of the poor relief by not working and living on the money the government gave to them. I think many more people became poor on purpose so they could live a work-free life and be given money for all their necessities. As Jesus said, “The poor will always be among us.” We must try to help them, but there is nothing we can do to end poverty because where there are rich people, there are poor since money does not disappear or increase.

Excellent answer.

5. What do you like best about the 80th Congress? Explain. The 80th Congress was the most successful session of Congress and helped to pass the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution which would limit the terms of presidency to two. I think it was one of the best moves the 80th Congress made because the president is not a king; he is there for the people. If a man serves more than two terms as president he may be too used to the power he has and he might not want to let it go. It is very tempting to use the power given to you to benefit yourself before others, but being president means that you have to exclude your wishes and do what you think is best for America and her citizens.

Fantastic answer. Several other students (and myself) agree with you about the 22nd Amendment.

6. Who do you think was the most important person between 1945 and 1980 in American history, and why? I think General Douglas MacArthur was the most influentially person between the time period of 1945 and 1980. He showed the American Army that you should never give in even when it seems hopeless because there is always an answer to a question. He thought in a different way than most people. He was different. We need different people to bring some new ideas or resolutions to our problems which we are too tired or lazy to solve. His straiten move in the Korean War which his advisors disagreed on was a huge success. People dislike when someone does something new that none as done before but where would we be if none took a step and tried something new. We would be nowhere in life. Many people in the world go with the flow and do not make their opinions known and that is a mistake because America can use all the help it can get.

Superb choice. Your use of the word "straiten" caused me to look it up! The dictionary says it can mean "to subject to distress, privation, or deficiency." I'm learning something too but I'm not sure that is what you meant. Terrific answer regardless.

H3. Your view of the ERA, please. The ERA was an Amendment that stated equal rights for all no matter what their sex. The ERA, Equal Rights Amendment, supported marriage of the same sex and abortion. If it was passed it would destroy family life and the way God wanted human life to be. The ERA would have made acceptable a whole new life style in the world.

Good substitution of questions, just as I suggested! You're listening to instructions very well. Excellent answer too!
Perfect paper! 70/70! Your work gets better and better. Congratulations!--aschlafly 19:23, 13 December 2008 (EST)