American History Homework Twelve Answers - Student Five

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1. The Cold War was fought mainly by the Soviet Union (USSR) and the United States. It lasted from 1945-1991.

Correct! Simply and complete.

2. The Korean War and the Vietnam War. I think that America played a very important part of the Korean War, preventing communism in South Korea. I loved MacArthur's genius plan, and without him the Korean War might have been lost. I think the Vietnam War was handled poorly by both Nixon and Johnson. We wasted too much time doing nothing during the War. And Johnson not letting the generals win the war is just ridiculous. North Vietnam had too much power over the South by the time America finally began fighting seriously. We lost many soldiers did not obtain any victory in the Vietnam War. I think the loss of the soldiers was handled reasonably well by America. We honor these soldiers today with memorials. I also agree with America hating Truman for fired MacArthur, causing many more soldiers to die than needed too.

Terrific answer. I agree completely.

3. My favorite part of the Civil Rights Movement is Rosa Park's refusal to move from the 'white section' of the bus. This showed extreme courage on Rosa’s part. Although we had given them their freedom, many Americans still refused to treat the African American Citizens like real human beings with equal rights. They were treated cruelly all the time. Rosa knew that if she refused, many terrible things could happen to her, but she still chose to defy the 'segregation rule' and accept the consequences. By doing that, encouraged all other African American Citizens and greatly helped her cause.


4. One of the things President Johnson was known for was pushing through the "Great Society" programs. These programs had a huge impact on American society. Every nation wants what these programs promised, and end to poverty. However, this wasn’t possible, and thirty years later it became necessary to repeal some of the Great Society.

Superb again. Concise, yet thorough.

5. The best thing I liked was that the 80th Congress cut taxes, sparking an economic boom. This helped American society, and gave people a little more money with which they could live, making life a little easier. Everybody loves lower taxes.


6. I think that Phyllis Schlafly was a very important person during that era. She had such a significant role in the Stop ERA movement. Without her enthusiasm, influence, and persistence, ERA might have been passed. She greatly helped in starting of STOP ERA.

Superb, and thanks! I'll send this to her!  :-)

7. This is the Warren Court, which lasted from 1953 through 1969. They were very active, extending into many areas previously unaffected. The Warren Court expanded the power of the Supreme Court and invented many new constitutional rights, such as legalizing pornography, while denying the rights of teachers and students to begin class with a prayer.

Fantastic answer again.

H1. I think that he was right, based on freedom of religion, which was established in the first amendment in the bill of rights. Freedom of religion means people can practice whatever their religion the way they choose too. So if you happen to have a religion, like Muslim, that says you shouldn’t be involved in a certain war, then under that amendment, we shouldn’t be able to force him to fight in the war. By drafting him, that would be forcing him to do something against his religion, taking away his freedom of religion.

Logical argument that is presented very well. May use as a model answer. But doesn't that destroy the mandatory draft, because almost anyone (and certainly all Muslims) could make the same claim? This could be what is known in the law as a "slippery slope": it looks OK with the first step (or example or case), but then there is no stopping point. Ponder it.

H2. Debate: Do you think criminal suspects are entitled to these new rights? Well, I think that they should still have the basic rights of people, especially if they are only suspects and have not yet been proved guilty. However, I do not think they should have a lawyer, payed for by with our money, our taxes. They should find some other way for criminal suspects to pay for that. I do think the Miranda Warning is necessary, especially with all the incredible sues going on these days.

Excellent, but I think you meant "suits" (as in lawsuits) rather than "sues". Also, note that the Miranda warnings only apply in criminal cases. Most of the ridiculous lawsuits are "civil cases," not criminal cases.

H3. I think that ERA is very cunning. From the name, and the wording, the ERA sounds like a great thing to have. Who wouldn’t want equal rights for everyone? However, when you look closer, it legalizes many things that I certainly do not want. It grants federal funding for murder in the form of abortion, it legalizes same-sex marriage, and it would require women to be drafted as well, if we are all to be “equal.” I think that we should all have the same basic rights, freedom of speech, religion, press, the vote, etcetera. However, man and women are NOT equal. They are totally different. God made us that way. Men cannot have children, and will never know what that is like. Women will never have the same strength and endurance as men. Women will never be fighters quite like men are. We have different feelings, different strengths and weaknesses. We are not the same, and so there are certain rights that cannot be shared by both of us.

Excellent, could use as a model answer.
Superb answers. The best in the class in terms of being concise and complete. 100/100. Perfect!--aschlafly 18:00, 13 December 2008 (EST)