American History Homework Twelve Answers - Student Sixteen

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Nathanael American History Assignment 12

1. The main protagonists in the Cold War was the Soviet Union.

... and the U.S. Time period? (Minus 1).

2. The two wars that caused over 50,000 American Deaths were the Korean War and the Vietnam War. I do not agree with out acceptance of the outcomes. The Korean War could have been won if it were not for the president.


3. The aspect that impressed me most was the admission of James Meredith to the University of Mississippi. This was the time in American where people of a different race began to become accepted as “people”.


4. One thing that President Johnson is known best for is getting the US involved in the Vietnam War. He is famous for screwing up the war. The Vietnam War was a huge mistake.

Good, concise analysis.

5. I like the fact that the 80th Congress was able to give us an economic boom. It shows that Republicans make better decisions than democrats. We will find out next year (2009) if Democrats are capable of the same. They probably won’t be.


6. I thought the most important man was Earl Warren. He knew how to gain respect and how to lead.

I suppose. But he led us to ruin! OK, perhaps that's a bit overstated on my part.  :-)

H1. Muhammad Ali was entitled to a conscientious objection based on Islam. America was based on freedom of religion. No matter what the religion is, the government still has to respect it.

Good. Your classmates mostly agree.

H3. The ERA was not a good time for Christians. Something was happening in the country that wanted everyone to be equal. God created man and women to have their differences. Man should not stand between God.


H5. I loved MacArthur’s strike plan. He had the mind of a genius. Unfortunately all of the United States best general live at a time when the government is not on their side (George Washington, George Patton …).

Good historical analysis. I think I'll use that as a model!
Good work. Score: 99/100. Well done!