American History Homework Twelve Answers - Student Twenty

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American History

Leonard G

1.) The main protagonists in the “Cold War” were the Soviet Union and America. The “war” lasted from 1945-1991.


2.) The Korean War and the Vietnam War were the two wars that occurred between 1945 and 1980 and caused over 50,000 American deaths. The Korean War was bloody but completely necessary. General MacArthur Inchon Invasion was very effective and returned the South Korean’s land back. The Vietnam War, on the other hand, was unnecessary and a complete failure. Too many lives were lost for nothing to be gained.


3.) The peaceful civil rights march and Rev. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech were two aspects that impressed me the most about the Civil Rights Movement. I believe it’s amazing to show the world that you can bring change through peace and God.

Terrific insight.

4.) President Lyndon B. Johnson was responsible for starting the Vietnam War. He presented false information to Congress exaggerating a story involving a conflict between the U.S. and Vietnam. As a result of this, he caused war with communistic Vietnam.

Superb again.

5.) The 22nd Amendment is an important part of the Constitution which was created by the 80th congress. The purpose of this amendment is to limit the presidential powers and forces the president to only serve two terms. The 80th congress saw the value in not having a supreme authority.


6.) I believe that General Douglas MacArthur was the most important person between 1945 and 1980 because he ended the Korean War amazingly with the Inchon invasion and kept communistic North Korea from taking over South Korea.

Superb, and the student before you felt the same way. It's difficult to argue against your position.

7.) The Warren Court was in charge of the US Supreme Court in the 1960s. It was corrupt because the Warren Court extended judicial powers too far by applying the Bill Of Rights against the States. It also extended the rights of the Supreme Court and created many new constitutional rights. This expanding of the Supreme Court caused the removal of prayer in public schools.

Superb answers. Perfect, in fact! 70/70. Congratulations!--aschlafly 23:14, 13 December 2008 (EST)