American Nazi Party

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George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party

The American Nazi Party was founded in the United States by George Lincoln Rockwell in 1958. Homosexuals made up a "significant" part of its membership.[1] They pledged allegiance to the ideals of Nazi Germany and the late Adolf Hitler. Rockwell was assassinated by one of his members, John Patler, in 1967 over an internal party dispute, and was replaced by Matthias Koehl, who had previously been a founder of the National States Rights Party in 1958. Koehl had two deputies, his "national officers", Robert Lloyd and William Pierce. The party denials the Holocaust.

Changes of name

The party changed its name in 1968 to the National Socialist White People's Party and set up headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. It is currently operating under the name of New Order in New Berlin, Wisconsin, where it aims to establish a "Nationalist Socialist community" called Nordland.

Splinter groups

Since the 1970s, several splinter groups have formed from the party, including: