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Aneesh Paul Chopra (July 13, 1972 -) was the first American Federal Chief Technology Officer of the United States (CTO). Before that, Chopra was Virginia’s fourth Secretary of Technology.

During the controversy over SOPA and PIPA, Chopra aligned himself with Wikipedia and its decision to shut-down as part of the lobbying against that legislation.

Chopra left the White House in early 2012, to run for office in Virginia.[1] On July 12, 2012, Chopra formally announced he was running in 2013 for Lieutenant Governor for the Commonwealth of Virginia.[2] He was expecting to run against Jeannemarie Devolites Davis, the wife of former Congressman Thomas M. Davis. Instead, the Republicans selected a more conservative candidate, E.W. Jackson, and in turn the June 11 Democratic primary seleced centrist Sen. Ralph Northam M.D. to run against Jackson. The vote was 78,337 (54.24%) for Northam and 66,098 (45.76%) for Chopra.[3] Northam drew support from the Tidewater area, but Chopra did not gain the support he expected from Northern Virginia, in part due to his controversial Wikipedia ties.


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