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An Anglophile is someone who obsesses with England and exaggerates its historical significance.

Examples of Anglophilia

An Anglophile might ...

  • insist that William Shakespeare was the most influential person of the second millennium.
  • deny how atheism has taken over the culture to the point where Richard Dawkins suggested arresting the Pope when visited on a goodwill mission
  • downplay or ignore how Britain has perpetrated massive frauds on the world, such as the Piltdown Man, without any accountability
  • exaggerate the efficacy of the National Health Service
  • claim to have invented freedom of speech, when in fact there has never been freedom of speech in England to criticize certain people, even if entirely truthful[1]
  • admire the way the British stood alone against Nazi tyranny for two years, invented concepts such as the rule of law, and have devised a tolerant society where people are judged on their merits not their color or religion.
  • recognize the contributions that Britain has made to science and literature far out of proportion to the size of its population.
  • salute the British for standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the United States for 65 years since World War 2.


  1. The John Peter Zenger trial in the United States rejected the British approach in the early 18th century.