Anne of Bohemia

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Anne of Bohemia, (1366-1394) Queen of England (1382-1394) was the daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV of Luxemburg. She was the first wife of Richard II of England, married when they were both fifteen. The match was seen as a political coup against the power of France.

At first Anne and her large and exotic retinue raised English hackles, but she brought gaiety and charm to the court, and was seen as such a moderating influence on her headstrong husband that she is still known as “Good Queen Anne.” Whilst not known for her beauty, she was said to be of “gentle” character. She was politically naïve, but true of heart, and when she died during a recurrence of the plague in 1394 Richard was truly grief-stricken. Her absence in the final years of his reign is seen as contributing to his downfall.

No children came of the union.